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Quitting 2 1/2 year opiate/kratom addiction cold turkey starting tomorrow 10/15/17
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    Default Quitting 2 1/2 year opiate/kratom addiction cold turkey starting tomorrow 10/15/17

    Well guys heres my story. Roughly 2 1/2 years ago i was introduced to a vicodin and I was hooked. Loved that feeling of euphoria and il be honest i was hooked. I had no injury or anything. Had no health issues whatsoever! So from that day I began getting my hands on as many as i could. The worst thing that probably happened to me was after roughly a year of taking them I was able to obtain a script for them myself. therefore i got hooked even harder. I got to where i would take 80 mg a day easy. wasted so much money. The sad thing is this whole time i did realize i had a problem. but i just didnt have any desire to quit really. So roughly 9 months ago the dr cut me off the pills. So my plan was to just get off them at that point. well i started doing some research and i came across kratom. everything i read about kratom was how it was saving peoples lives who had been addicted to opiates and such. everyone was saying how kratom was like their godsend. so what did i do? i ordered some. WOW!. could not believe how great it was. im not going to go into detail how great kratom is because i dont want to promote it. however i do think under certain circumstances that kratom could be very helpful to certain people who dont have addictive personalities. so anyhow i started taking kratom and i loved it. well slowly but surely it got to where i was having to take more and more to get the full effects just to feel normal!. so then i started getting vicodins again and started using both together. which in my opinion mixing them doesn't make it any better. the more i started reading about kratom i found out that it also comes with withdrawals when you quit. some people saying the withdrawals from it are worse then pills. Sure enough one day a few weeks ago i ran out of kratom and my gosh! Yep it has withdrawals let me tell ya. Anyhow by the way i am engaged to a beautiful woman to be married on november 4th. she knows nothing about any of this. Until yesterday. The last couple months she started asking me what was wrong with me. why do i seem emotionless all the time. why dont i laugh anymore. she basically felt like i had become a totally different person. which honestly i feel like i have.i have got to where i dont even feel close to the same person i used to be before i started all this stuff. so yesterday i broke down crying and i told her everything. and thank the good lord she is supporting me and behind me quitting 100 percent. so later today we together are going to dispose of everything that i have left and thats going to be that. By the way for anyone wondering my kratom habit was about 24 grams per day. I have done somewhat of a taper yesterday and today. yesterday i took about 18 grams and today probably going to take 10 or so also with a few vicodins thrown in there. But its all going bye bye today what little i have left. It will be properly disposed. So i know our wedding is only 21 days away. but my goal is to be 21 days clean on our wedding day and hopefully be feeling better! i do realize i will probably still be feeling some withdraw symptoms at that time but im just hoping to feel better. i just wanted to share my story with all of you and also i plan to keep you guys updated with a detailed timeline of how my withdraw goes. Any advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated!
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    Hang in there buddy! You can do this. I had the some awful awful experience with kratom myself. It's good that you figured it out when you did and have some support. You'll get plenty of support around here too.

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    Just wanted to stop by and say congratulations and good luck. Keep reminding yourself of why you're doing this in the first place. Gonna get worse before it gets better. But keep a positive mental outlook. It has helped me so much over the past month. You've got your whole life to look forward to!!!

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