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    Hi I have been reading hear for awhile. This is a great support and motivational. I'm really ready to get these pills out of my life. I think their making me depressed. I have been taking my prescription oxycodone for 31/2 years. I take about 60-70mg a day on most days. I tapered down to 30mg and now I'm back up. I'm beginning to think c/t is the way for me. I have even considered a medical detox which is 3 to 5 days. I work only Saturday and Sunday right now. I'm all along. My Grandaughter does live with me so I was thinking waiting til spring break. There's one problem I maybe getting a promotion at work that will require me to work 3 days a week with most weekends off. I'm afraid to accept this position still on medication because I will have to go to work more often making less time to go through withdrawals. It's seem impossible to go through withdrawals with a child in school. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Like I said I feel that have anyone to be here for me and I the sole care giver to my granddaughter. My husband died a year ago. Has any had any experience with medical detox. Wondering is 5 days long enough.

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    First good on you for reading this site and good on you again for having the courage to post and to get well.

    As you know, withdrawals are without a doubt hard. However, they are not impossible.

    Quite the opposite. As you've read, recovering long term is not only possible, it's the main force of this site.

    I want to extend my sincere condolences for the loss of your husband. I'm sending you a giant hug right now.

    And I'll say this, to be the sole provider of your grandchild already says a ton about who you are.

    To answer your question, I do believe everyone finds recovery in unique ways. However, we all have found work during acute withdrawal to be ...let's say challenging.

    I went through those feelings many times before I finally got past the Acute stage.

    Just know that for most of us, keeping busy and getting your body in motion does far more positive things than negative.

    It will take time for your brain to being the healing process. Just know your prognosis is excellent provided you keep a positive attitude and continue posting here. I would also add that face to face support is very important as well.

    Addicts in this country number in the millions. We all share a common bond. On here (as you've seen), we also carry a very powerful message of hope.

    My hope for you is to be well mentally and physically and I am quite certain you will soon be bombarded with other caring and loving addicts who will help you through this.


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    Hello Hopeful, Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on taking the first step to getting and staying clean. Great job on tapering down off the oxys. Imo going coldturkey off the garbage you will have a week or ten days of Physical withdrawals. You can go through it feeling like you have a bad flu. The fear of withdrawals is prolly every addicts fear, I know for this Addict the fear kept me in
    Active Addiction for 30+ years. I promise you that you won't die it's not that scary you can do this and be free. Have you looked into getting face to face support Na AA thearpy counseling? It has given me the tools to deal with life clean. Keep posting and reading let us know what you plan moving forward we are all here to support you...

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