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Ready to end this battle
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    RJ!!! What's the update?? How are you feeling? How are you healing up?

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    What it is my friend LifeSaver?

    So let me think here, I am on day............62!!!!! Yeah 62 and I picked up my 60 day tag on Monday. I am still not buying into the whole I can't do anything the rest of my life thing ie alcohol. But it still helps to go listen and sometimes speak up. So the ribs are getting much better and almost seem to be pretty much healed. I would say I am operating at about 80%. All in all it was a huge test for me to get through that pain without opiates.

    Since I was on the whole quitting thing, I decided last Tuesday I was going to go ahead and quit the chewing tabacco as well. So I have been without that junk for 8 days now! It sucked pretty bad, I have to say the urges to pack a lip have been stronger than the urges to use pills during the same time span after quitting. Anxiety, restless legs ect.

    All in all, I am doing great feeling good better and better each day. The sweating in my armpits seems to finally be slowing down a little bit. I do not hit the fog everyday as the day approaches the end. Its getting better! Better everyday!

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