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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwaychou View Post
    Well, day 13.
    Almost two weeks since I decided to wean. I like it here, but I use this mainly as a journale for my progress. I don't know what I was hoping for, but I guess you get out of it what you put into it, and I haven't been posting support for others.
    So, from 50 mg of methadone, to 30, and from 30 mg of oxycodone to none. Now, I try to push teh times I take these meds. Right ow I can go about 5 hours. Today I'm gonna push myself to six hours. By next week, I want to cut another 5 mg from teh methadone.
    Wish me luck.

    Hi Qwaychou -

    What's very important when tapering the Methadone is to take your dose at the same time(s) everyday. That keeps a level amount in your system which will help make you feel better as you lower the dose. If you try to push the dosing times the half life will catch up to you at some point and you'll hit a wall where you begin to feel worse. And it's hard to reverse it too.

    I still say you're reducing the methadone much too fast. I know you want off quickly and if you can handle the symptoms that's fine. Most can't and find themselves having wd symptoms that are much worse than they expect. I guess you can try it your way and if it works that's great. But if you find the symptoms becoming intolerable I would slow down, way, way down on your dose reductions.


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    Thank you Randy, I appreciate your help, I really do. I know I might seem like I'm not listening to you, but I take your words into consideration. It's just that I haven't really felt any bad WDs yet. And, it's been 15 days. Will the half life be that long?
    Also, I see my pain management dr monday and I'm worried what he is going to say. I am bad at confrontation, and its scary to tell him I want to quit. They have all been very helpful and supportive of me, and i don't want them to take it personally when i leave the clinic.
    On the one hand, I want to do as you suggest, but I feel a very strong driving desire to be done iwth these. And with no terrible wds I am tempted to push myself.

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