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Ready to Start Hope to Finish like Randy35
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    Default Ready to Start Hope to Finish like Randy35

    This is my 2nd thread Not sure what I’m doing the first one I think was in the wrong place...

    Hello everyone! This is tough but I’m ready just hope you guys help me like others...

    Not going to write a book about my story and also want to warn upfront my spelling is horrible hope there is an edit option lol... So I have been on prescribed Oxycodome for 7 years now i have tapered down to 60mg from 100mg and I’m done and want my life back! As you all know how painful the constant counting, planning, panicking, just the overall mind ******* the beast brings...

    I do need to mention ironically last year at the same time I made an attempt to quit... It was rough I did a short 5 day sub taper based off Rbt thread and after 7 days I descoverd Kratom.. Wow was my first thought and stayed on that for 5 weeks and quit! Let me be the first to say that was the worst WD ever I’m sure there was some still left over from the oxy but the Kratom was more of a mental pain... it was rough for another 30 days and I taped out and called the doc and got back on my meds... so here we are....

    After reading Roberts taper success with musician and others I figured his taper plan seems the best...
    but was only bummed to find out he was no longer active on the site and I felt like I needed Robert like help from someone or other long term successful members...

    Then I kept reading and reading thread after thread as most of us have and bumped in to Randy35’s thread reading the entire thing and his thread made me want to start the jernoy... I see he is active still as well as many others with him and hope you guys can help me....

    So my plan and the only part that I’m worried about is I have only 14.5 mg of sub to use...I mapped it out and if I start with and hope it’s a stable dose at 1mg I can do the taper in 21 days... the only part that will suck is if I induct and 1mg a day is not enough my taper will be shorter and maybe more painful....

    My plan is to start tomorrow i will take my last dose of oxy here in a few minutes so I think by this time
    Tomorrow I will start the sub....

    I hope you guys are here to help me and I’m excited to start and there is so much more i would like to tell you guys but I’ll start with just this for now! I wish all of you the very best

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    Hey start2finish,
    I just started my journey with subs on Tuesday myself. I wish you all the luck and all my best in your journey!

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    Hey Start-to-finish, you should stick with one thread prolly the first one you started hang in there someone will be by to help you get started with the induction..

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    Thanks I’m using the first one sorry It’s over in sub therapy if anyone looks for it... I guess this thread will sale off into the sunset

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