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Relapsed again. Serioiusly considering Rehab. Please, need advice friends
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    Default Relapsed again. Serioiusly considering Rehab. Please, need advice friends

    Hello ,friends. I am back again to forum and am tired of being sick.For years struggled with addiction to painkillers, started taking them in 2010. Got clean first time back in 2012, relapsed and started again throughout the years. Now on top of painkillers I self medicate my depression and panic attacks with zolpidem(ambient) ,and its so hard on my system if I try to stop. Alcohol is another one I added.

    I dont have any support system, no family here in this country. Cant talk to my friends about it, as they all were very mean and harsh to me because of my problem .I feel trapped, scared, helpless. Really want advice from someone who went tp rehab? How does it work? What exactly is their treatment like? I know I could read on their website, but I would rather hear advice from a real person here who had that experience. Which Rehab is a better option? Do they wean people off safely? Is outpatient rehab a good option? I started reading about 12 steps and feel like the community is so important in recovery, people who are on the same path I cannot walk this alone anymore. I hope there is a light in the end of this tunnel. Will appreciate any advice from you guys. Thank you.

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    Congratulations on getting clean from pain pills.
    I have never been to inpatient before. I am in outpatient. I take suboxone. I see a Dr each month and have a case management meeting each month. Each fortnight I see a counsellor that also attends my case management each month to speak to my Dr on how I am going. I also see another counsellor who has helped with other aspects of my life. I have Attention Deficit disorder, Anxiety problems (at its worst panic attacks) and depression. I am trying to deal with problems in my past and relationship problems. I also go to NA once a week. I did have to go to a couple until I found the right one for me. I don't have a sponsor yet. This works for me. I will taper down and finish suboxne treatment once I have a little more counselling under my belt. I hope this helps.
    I'm sure others will chime in and let you know there experiences. Everyone is different and needs different things from rehab.For me personally I will probably need a month of work to come off suboxone and am considering going to inpatient for a week to completely come off as I will struggle to sleep and my anxiety will increase and I feel I would be at risk of relapsing. At the moment this is my plan. It may change down the track if my anxiety and sleeping gets better. For me personally my counsellors and Dr have been amazing. I have a good group of people who now support me. It is very difficult to do alone.I find comfort in speaking to people who have knowledge in my struggles with addiction. Na has been good to me that way. As these people can relate and understand my struggles even though we may not be friends but we can talk to each other as peers.
    Good luck in your journey.

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    Thank you for reply @Toby3610 Sorry I have been gone for a month, cought up in the perpetual cycle of using, struggling, trying to stop. I think the easiest part is going throgh withdrawals. I am going into detox facility this weekend . When I come out, I am planning to see a therapist, do N/A and AA meetings, find the support in any form possible. I feel so lonely and depressed. I pray to God to please give me strenth and finmd the right support.
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