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Is RLS and PAWS the same thing?
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    Default Is RLS and PAWS the same thing?

    I read this forum at least once a day. And am a little confused about the difference in RLS verses PAWS. When some describe the anxity and/or the amped up feelings under the skin. Creepy crawly feeling, etc.....I even read it described like a thousand ants trying to eat their way from the inside out........thats pretty darn descriptive......anyway, some say this is the dreaded RLS. It also falls under the symptoms for PAWS. Are they the same thing?.......thank you for anyone knowledgable enough to address this and for taking the time........SD

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    Rls is restless leg syndrom. I believe paws is the thing you've described, not certain though.

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    No, RLS and PAWS are not the same thing. RLS may be a symptom of PAWS.

    PAWS stands for post acute withdrawal syndrome. It's not as common as people think and is usually centered a lot around depression and anxiety, along with other physical symptoms. PAWS, if it occurs, happens months after quitting a substance.

    Look at the thread called "Ask Ruth" on the "Need to Talk" board by ARTIST658. She's a recovering addict and also an addiction counselor. There's a post on her thread which talks about PAWS in detail. She would be happy to answer any questions you have.


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    anyone can have rls.
    the opiate withdrawl that causes paws has REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD rls as one of its symptoms. very painful and rls meds will help a little.

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