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Roxicodone and klonopin question
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    Default Roxicodone and klonopin question

    Hi guys,

    Tommorow I will be starting my cold turkey detox of 90mg roxicodone every other day use with the help of family for about 6 days. Meaning I will be supervised and have absolutely no access to my DOC.

    About 3 weeks ago I was prescribed .5 mg of klonopin to take twice a day. I have been reading some horror stories on this board about benzo withdrawal.

    The thing is, is that klonopins seem to help me tremendously while detoxing off opiates. Truth be told I could care less about the high I get from Klonopins, never abused benzos before and rarely use more than prescribed. I am also deathly afraid that if I use klonopins to help me through the this week than that right afterwards i stop using the klonopins I will have to deal with benzo withdrawal right after my opiate detox.

    Is 3 weeks long enough for me to become dependent and feel withdrawal symptoms when quitting cold turkey? I would love to use klonopins through out my week long detox but is it worth it? Should I just cold turkey both at the same time? I know an addict is an addict but I am truly able to not abuse benzos, I have no interest for them but would like to use it as a crutch just for the detox.

    Klonopins take the edge off, takes care of the RSL and actually let's me sleep. But like I said before I am scared that my body is already dependent on it after only a few weeks of use.

    Thoughts? Should I just use the 10 or so kpins I have left to help me the next few days?

    Please, any advise knowledge in this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Benzos are extremely aaddictive, but I would go ahead and take the Benzos. They will make the process more bearable. Just dont take anymore than absolutely necessary. When yoy are finished with your detox, just taper the benzo down for a week or two just to be safe. Clonapin has a long half life so as long as you take a little bit, you should be okay.

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    You said ever other day use for 3 weeks? ever used opiates before? You should have some w/d but probably not like others with yrs of constant use. I would use the benzo's to sleep but as little as possible.

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