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Short term suboxone taper - on day 5 - need help!
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    Post Short term suboxone taper - on day 5 - need help!

    Hi! I was on suboxone for 8 years, with many relapses to all pills in between. Everyone here knows the story. 5 months ago I stopped all suboxone and was using hydromorphone contin 18mg per day. Ive found so much motivation in these threads and hope you guys can help me right now on a personal scenario.

    One week ago I used the last chunk of suboxone I had. I followed roberts plan for induction and waited as long as I could before taking like .3mg of the sub tab. It was almost dust. 6 hours later I had to take another .3mg. Surprisingly this really helped. (Monday evening - tuesday morning), then tuesday night the WD hit bad and I took a .5mg chunk. Thats it.

    Starting last Wednesday I skipped. Telling myself I would only take the smallest sliver needed to not die. I've been waiting for the hurricane to come and it didnt, I kept skipping each day after.

    Last night was day 4 (Saturday night) and it was by far the worst for WD, no sleep, toss and turn, lethargic. But nothing like full blown WD.

    Am I in the clear? Or is it just getting started? I'm so motivated to do this now and be free. I've been taking gravol every night to help with sleep and good multivitamin with lots of water during the day. Trying to stay busy and not think of it.

    Any insight on a short term sub plan would be helpful. I'm getting nervous today (day 5) is going to be bad, but am trying to stay hopeful that because I took so little, I'm in the clear for bad WD. Thanks so much guys!!!!

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    How are you feeling now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mumof6 View Post
    How are you feeling now?
    HI! I cross posted this by accident, but have been keeping track here:

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