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    Default Soboxane

    Hello I've been on 1 8mg for 5 years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on July 2 and had a Masectomy performed on August 17. My doctor told me to stop taking Suboxone 72 hours prior to my surgery. It has been 22 days since Token any Suboxone. After my surgery while in recovery I was given a pump to press every eight minutes which shot 2 mg of diladin. Once released from the hospital I have been prescribed 10 mg of Norco take 2 every 4 hours. I have been taking so many narcos and when I don't take them I feel strong withdrawal symptoms. How can this be? It's been 22 days since my last dose of soboxone and I can't believe that I'm going thur so many pain killers just to numb my withdrawals. I'm wondering if any one has been thur this. I am happy to say that my surgery was successful, I am now cancer free! My pain level is down to a level four, which is bearable!!' But I hate that I'm taking so many Norco's just to numb my withdrawal. I would love to never takes soboxane ever again, but if these withdrawals keep up and I find my self abusing my pain killers. Plus I'm running out of narcos . So I'm thinking about going back to subs

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    Default Suboxone w/d length

    Good morning...i read your post and just wanted to say that YES, it is normal for the w/d off of subs to last quite a long time. On avg 3/4 weeks and then after that there are still lingering effects. It took me approx 90 days to really feel somewhat back to normal. And i was pushing myself the whe time. What are u going to do to get off yhe new drug your now taking?

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    Hi Elle,

    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you haven't had many replies yet - it's slow on weekends.

    Firstly, Congratulations on your new-found cancer-free status!

    I agree with motye - jumping off 8mg, with no taper, I'd almost put money on the fact that you are still feeling the suboxone withdrawals. I realise you didn't have any choice and I feel for you. But it was worth it to be cancer free right?

    You see, suboxone has a half life of 24-72 hours, depending on the person. So - for the sake of an example - after, say, 72 hours you still have half of your dose (4mg) left in your system. After that time passes again, you have half that left again (2mg). But at the same time, you (we!!) are dosing daily. So the build up in the system is huge. You actually would have had more like 30+mg in your system when you stopped taking it (I'm not doing accurate calculations here, but A LOT). And then that would be taking a whole lot of 'half life time' - if you get what I mean - to get out of your system after you stopped. Does that make sense?

    I'm no expert, and I'm sure Bette or someone with a lot more medical knowledge will come by and give you some advice. But for what it's worth, the way I see it, you have a couple of options:
    1. Keep pushing through. You are already 22 days into your sub withdrawal. It will start to get better. I can't give advice on how to manage the pain meds with this option, sorry. However, my GUESS is that - early on at least - you wouldn't have got the full benefits from them because of the buprenorphine still in your system. Have you discussed further with your doctor/s?
    2. Go back on a low dose of suboxone - like 2mg - and taper from there (there is a very good taper plan on this site which I am currently using).

    I really hope you can sort this out and get on a good path to recovery soon. Good luck!

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    I would also like to welcome you to the forum. Congratulations on a successful surgery. I would like to apologize for your pain. I'm sorry to report that the suboxone withdrawal is a very slow process. I did find it somewhat less lmtense than other opiate withdrawals but definitely lingered. As the above post mentions it took me about 30 days to detox and then would have mini withdrawals lasting from an hour or two for about 15 to 20 days after that. However, with determination and a support structure it can definitely be whipped. Trust me When you are free of it it will seem as someone turned on thecwarm summer sun again. Colors are brighter. Smiles are larger and laughter fills the gaps. It's a glorious time. What I have found is that the most amazing, wonderful thing is that we can change. We have the power to take control of our lives. Strength only builds strength. Never forget to encourage yourself daily or hourly if need be. The first couple of hours of not reaching for the norcos to curb the suboxone withdrawal is a magnificent achievement. Congratulate yourself on those 2 hours and keep building from that. I know you can do this. I am not a physician simply a fellow traveler. I wish you the best of luck on taking control and taking your life back. Hang in there. I think most here know exactly what you're going through. Thank you for reaching out

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    Hi there
    Congratulations on your cancer free status..
    Yes I agree you have 2 options just stop the short acting opiates now and work through the w/dis from what could be coming from both now..
    Or get back on a low dose of sub which I think could be 2 mg or less
    Then do the sub taper we have on the forum..
    I used it and jumped around 8 months ago..

    I think it depends on how functional you need to be..
    Also the Thomas recipe on here
    With supplements and non addicting OTC meds for pain and w/ds..
    Let us know which way you want to go..
    We can support you in whatever you decide..
    You are gonna be ok..

    Take care

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    I thought that Suboxone was prescribed solely for getting people off opiates? I've never heard of it being prescribed for pain and definitely not so long term. Furthermore, I read that Suboxone actually greatly reduces the effectiveness of opiates, which might be why you need so many Norco's. They even say that if you ever need surgery to make sure you are off the Suboxone so that the pain medscwork. I'm not an expert though so anyone please correct me.

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    Hi Elle,

    How are you doing? I am new on here so I may not be looking in the right area, but I don't see anymore posts from you. Have you made a decision on which path you are going to take? And congrats on cancer free!

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    Hi I am new here but I have been reading so much of the things that are posted on here and it's very hard not to cry. I am going to just introduced myself to you as a wife of my high school sweetheart and we have 2 sons. I am still in my 30s but I was involved in a horrific accident. I was hit from the rear by a drunk driver. I had to be cut out from my car and I was life flighted to several hospital's all around the U.S. I would like to say first that I Thank God for allowing me to just have dropped off my boy's for ball practice and also the drunk driver wasn't harmed in any way. I was on life support for a year and 8 month's, I had a broken neck witch I had to go through 2 operations for, the first time was from the front where plates, rod's, screws and bone bank was used.My back was broken in almost every level and I went through my first back operation with the same things placed in the back, I went into kidney failure and caught a staff infection and I started having sezieures so I was stabilized and flown to another hospital. I know my family and friends was going through so much but I had no idea what I was going through. I was in CCU the intire time, when my family was told that I was able to breathe on my own but I had a lot to face so I was going through my 3rd operation but it was to place a stent in my right kidney but I finally had to loose my kidney because of the bleeding and the staff. I again had to be open for I had a great loss of blood and they had to remove my spleen and you can imagine how much all this had been going on with just one person, but again I don't recall anything at all. I had a good day when the doctor's talked to my family and friends and meaning that when they removed the life support I was still fighting. I was told within the hour that I went into caradic arrest and even though my family and friends where told that they were so afraid that this was going to happen because of all my body had been through. I was stabilized and life flighted to the Mayo hospital in Rodchester Newhampster, a long way from home but I had a great team of doctors and nurses who Prayed with my family and friends and I was there for a month and I had to go through another back operation and I have a star from the bottom of my butt to up between my shoulders and then I had to have my wrist reattached because it was just wrapped up in a way that it could not be moved, so fearing that it had been so long left, I was facing loosing my hand, but Thanks to God I went through another operation and I have not been able to twist my wrist but I have my hand and yes it was put together by plates and clips. I was checked on often to see if I was going to be able to breathe on my own. I know I'm leaving out so much but it's thing's that only God knows because the doctor's were very worried that I was not going to be able to go through much more and I had a lot more facing me because I had to go through another neck surgery and they had to enter from the back of the neck and more plates screws and rod's were placed and from the first surgery on my neck the bone graft didn't graft and it was never retvived and the plan was for the first bone graft to be removed but it wasn't and a halo was required after that. I was never aware of anything and just when thing's were looking a little better I went into cardiac arrest again for the third time. 2 months have passed on and again I caught another staff and thing's for sure were going bad and I faced another operation because of a blood clot in the heart. My family and friends where told that they were afraid that I wouldn't live because I had been given so much blood and some said that it was a miracle for a 115 lbs go through so much and yet have life and yes I had a few more things to face and they were having a stroke and then finding out I had stage 4 breast cancer and it had mastived into my bones so yes I am going to finish this because I finally was off life support and love saved me, God and his love and the love of my family. I have been home now for a year and 3 month's. I was on several drugs but I don't remember anything about it and I don't take anything now except seizure meds,blood thinners, I have true innsominia and I do take a sleeping pill, it works sometimes and sometimes it takes day's going without sleep. I am now self caftheing and I have been given pain medicine called dalaudia and also methadone but I don't use much of either and I carry my meds each time I go to the doctors and I have them tell me to please take my medicine because I don't need to get in alot of pain because it's not good for my heart. I can only speak for myself because we're all different but I believe that God is using me to help others and I am not angry at God I love him because he gave me some time with my family and I will always live for God. I have never been on meds and I have not ever been a drinker or a smoker. I am not dowing anyone I just wanted to share with you all that I am able to walk with a cane and as far as medical concerns they have all told me that I was a living miracle. I am soon to face another battle with cancer but I know God has my hand's and I don't think God would have let me lived through it all even when it seemed like I was never going to have a nother day with my family whom I love so much. I read your stories and my Prayers are with you and I hope you keep me in yours as we are not promised tomorrow so I live every day and I tell my boy's and my husband how much I love them, and I put God first in my life because he has been with me through several storm's. God Bless each of you and I Pray for you all. God is so good, I don't go a day with out Prasing him and God knows how much I love my family. God Bless You

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