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Started Suboxone: Feeling better than ever.
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    Default Started Suboxone: Feeling better than ever.

    Hey, I'm Joey, and I've been a struggling opiate addict for 9 years, been to rehab twice, hospital detox numerous times, state run behavioral health centers twice (wow what a nightmare THOSE are). I have only used the pharmacy variety opiates, and by the grace of God never have injected once. It's all been orally, or up the nose. I was also addicted to Methadone for two of those years, which I guess would have worked fine if I would have went to a clinic where they actually cared. The methadone clinic I went to was your typical run of the mill *once a day, early in the morning, 20 bucks a day* shadily run, upping your dose to upwards of 200 mgs, instead of trying to get you sober-- they are just legal drug dealers, THUGS if I can explain it to you best. THIS IS WHEN I LIVED IN FLORIDA, THE PILL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, SO YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE.

    Now, for the first time, I have been fortunate enough to have Medicaid because I have reached the rock bottom of all my rock bottoms. Tired of stealing and lying to support my addiction, becaude its hurting not only just me... but I lost my partner of 5 years, whom I was very in love with, to this disease... and its hurting my family as well. I'm only 26.

    Keeping this short... I started suboxone yesterday for the first time yesterday and I feel so great.

    No cravings, energy and confidence. No withdrawals, and I took my first dose of subs only 8 hours after I took my lasy oxy 30.

    I feel like this is the best Ive felt in years, and I'm not nodding off uncontrollably like I was with Methadone. Here's the kicker -- it makes me feel BETTER than any REAL opiate did. Because if I set down and need to sleep, I easily could nod off and get that "noddy" feeling that so many of us opiate addicts love, but if I need to be awake -- I'm golden.

    Long story short, I encourage anyone who's questioning starting suboxone to do it. I don't even desire to feel the feeling of a normal opiate pain pill. I feel like me again. Like I can start life again.

    Cons: slight nausea and sweating after first dose, too high of a dose, effin' 12 mgs twice a day?! Nope. I'm going to reduce to 6-4mgs as needed and stash away my extras for that Uh-Oh moment where I'm either out, or need an extra dose... I love the new strips, much better than those big ol' chalky tablets.

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    Does anyone have any more advice on the topic, me being new to this?!

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    Hi Joey welcome to the forums here and my best wishes to you on using suboxone as a tool to get and remain clean. I see where you mentioned 12 mg twice a day and that is way more subs then anyone needs. Have you read the taper plan by Robert 325 that most members here that have been on subs have used to taper with subs? You want to reduce your daily dose as quick as possible and get stable on as low amount of subs as you need and then follow the taper plan. Its really late now so hopefully tomorrow other members will see this thread and reply to you. I hope to talk with you later.

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