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Starting a Suboxone/Bupe detox with 2 weapons: Kratom and Loperamide
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    Default Starting a Suboxone/Bupe detox with 2 weapons: Kratom and Loperamide

    Hey everybody.
    New to this forum as a poster, but I’ve been reading here a lot and these forums have helped me a great deal.

    I have a looooong history with opiates, I’m 36 years old now, was on methadone for 5 years, clean n sober for 5 years, back on methadone and sub for another few years, back and forth, back and forth. I have come off opiates many times and I have always just basically toughed it out. I would just taper slowly and then stop, and maybe take some trazadone at night to help my sleep. It always sucked tremendously and I just had to deal with it, not knowing that there was anything out there to help me.

    Currently I have been on suboxone strips or sometimes subutex for the past 4 months. I was clean for a year and a half but I made the mistake of going to Europe this summer where I went to a music festival SONAR and took molly and drank beer, and this lead to an eventual relapse on opiates!

    But now, 4 months later I know that enough is enough! I’m tired of being underweight, depressed, lethargic and isolating myself, plus wasting my money. I’ve gotten down to taking about 2-3 mg.s of suboxone a day (from 8mg.s a day a month ago) and just when I thought I’d have to somehow endure another taper and then just stop and be miserable for weeks I discovered this site and the whole Kratom/Loperamide solution. And to be honest, stopping on my own doesn’t always work. I’ve been trying to get off these subs for the past 2 months already with no luck at finishing the detox.

    So… I ordered 125 grams (a sample pack of five 25 gram packets of different types of kratom) from an online supplier, and it will be here monday (eagerly tracking the package online!). It is now Saturday night.

    I also went to walmart today and bought a big bottle of loperamide and a big bottle of ibuprofen. I will take my sub tomorrow and a little less (like 1.5mgs) on monday and then that will be my last dose of sub.

    Then... the grand experiment begins! Will this long time opiate addict be able to kick with the help of these aids? Normally I would go nuts and crawl the walls and slip.
    9 times out of 10 I need to be in a detox/rehab to get through the detox without messing up. But I’m very hopeful after what I’ve read from other people on here. I’m not expecting a miracle cure: yes, there will be discomfort, but I really hope it helps a great deal. I also have 1 bar of xanax for emergencies, I could take a quarter of it when needed to take the edge off..

    Any suggestions on this detox I’m about to embark on? I will post follow ups to let you know my progress. I also plan on eating right and doing some mild exercise in the form of bike riding to help the whole recovery process. I am excited to get started! I want my life back. As I said above, I have been clean before for long stretches, and it’s a good life!
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    Hi SunZup
    I wanted to jump in and give you my support.I have never went the kratom route and have heard mixed reviews on it.I know an old friend of mine on here swore by it. her name is sisterwin I dont know if you have read any of her threads or not,but you might find some useful info have done really well and tapering down on the subs,but do you think you could drop a little lower before you jump.witch ever way you go we will be here to try to support you
    keep us posted,Melinda

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    Hey all,
    Day 2 now and things are going pretty good so far.

    I was going to start on Monday but the damn package didn't arrive til Wednesday afternoon, 2 days late. I was tracking it online and watched my precious kratom go from Texas to Illinois to another place in Illinois, then back to the first place, then sit there for a day and a half, and then finally come down to Florida where I live and make its way to my door. At this point I had been doing about 4 mg.s a day of sub. I had wanted to get it down much lower before stopping, and I initially did (I got down to about 1.5 a day) but then I started doing more in the last week, to get a buzz from it. My willpower is >>>> sometimes so I was back up to 4 mg.s a day (2 in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m.).

    So the last time I did sub was about 1.5 mg.s on Wednesday night at about 10pm. The next day I waited til about noon and did my first bit of Classic Bali. I mixed in one level teaspoon (I think this is about 5 Grams) with a little bit of yogurt and ate it, washing it down with a little water. taste is pretty nasty but who cares.. I did this on an empty stomach. Well, An hour later I didn't feel much. Maybe a tiny bit of slight warmth and mild, mild euphoria. I dosed later that evening, again on an empty stomach, this time mixing it in with a little warm water with honey and just throwing it back.

    Now, normally by this time I'd be feeling a little sick. The subs hold me about 20 hrs, and I usually would have mild withdrawal by this point but I had almost none at all. Feeling about 90% normal. Maybe a little bit of anxiety but I heard the kratom can do that. And again, it was very mild. I felt ok. And I passed out around 10pm. Slept like a baby til 4am. Normally, without the kratom I would've had a >>>>ty night of broken sleep.

    I woke at 4am feeling minor withdrawals, took another teaspoon mixed with water and fell back asleep at 5am.

    Took my first dose on Friday, day 2 (today), at 10am. Empty stomach again (I heard that this is important) I used the Baik Bali strain this time. Now it is 11:45 and although I don't really feel much of anything, I DON'T FEEL SICK!!!! And that's the main point, right? So, so far it is working. I mean, I do have some minor symptoms, like hot and cold flashes and the sweats, but they are totally manageable And the point is to get clean, not get addicted to Kratom or get high from it. Although, I gotta admit I was hoping to get a nice buzz from it, but maybe it's better that I haven't. Less urge to keep re-dosing.

    What I'm kinda worried about is that i am just substituting one drug for another. Because if I had stopped the subs and didn't take another opiod like substance then every day clean would be a day that I was healing and getting closer to feeling normal again. But I am worried that by using this kratom I am prolonging that and not "healing", just putting off the inevitable and using something else instead. I was hoping kratom would cover up my withdrawals while at the same time allowing my body to heal, but maybe that's just not possible... Well, we'll see what happens. I just want to be clean again, with as little pain as possible to get there.

    I have a bunch of different strains that came with my sample pack and I'm not sure which ones to take, but I guess I'll end up taking them all eventually. I don't know which is best for opiate withdrawal.

    I have:
    50g Classic Bali
    25g Kaya Kali White Thai
    25g Red Vein Thai
    25g Baik Bali
    10g Ratu Raja Indo
    10g Tawa Tua Indo

    Any advice on which ones to take?

    I'll update tomorrow.

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    Default Needing advice if kratom is good to ween of subutex

    I have been on subutex for a year and a half started at 3mg daily and have been on 1 MG now for awhile the hardest for me has been going any lower then 1mg will kratom help me in this situation any help would be appreciated thank you and best of luck to everyone trying to do the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handyman63 View Post
    I have been on subutex for a year and a half started at 3mg daily and have been on 1 MG now for awhile the hardest for me has been going any lower then 1mg will kratom help me in this situation any help would be appreciated thank you and best of luck to everyone trying to do the same
    Hello Handyman - please start your own thread, this thread is a few years old and besides you'll get personalized help and support with your own thread. I would caution you on the Kratom, it is an addictive substance and there are side effects! I would definitely do lots of research on Kratom before you mess around with it? There is a sub taper plan that 1000's of people used with great success! I'll provide a link for you at the end of this post? No need to do the induction part of the plan because you are currently on subs but if you follow the rest of the taper plan as outlined you should do great? Good luck and get your own thread started, you can start your thread in the Suboxone Treatment forum if you want specific help with that? Be well... God bless us all!

    Link to Robert's sub taper plan -

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