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Starting suboxone // Question about reaching 26 on the COWS chart
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    Default Starting suboxone // Question about reaching 26 on the COWS chart

    I know everyone is different but I was wondering how long it took people to get to that level. Also if you could include the Mg you were on, the type of opiate and for how long that would help.

    I have been on anywhere from 40 to 120mg of Roxys or percocet daily. It was to the point "plain" hydrocodone didn't even phase me. I had gotten clean on my own before but started back up about 3 years ago. I will take my last pill in the morning and then wait to get 26 before starting the suboxone.

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    Hi punKn, Everyone is different as far as how long it takes to reach the 26 on the COWS. But you must reach at least a 26. So hang in there. You may want to post on the suboxone board so people who have had experience with subs will see it. I have never been on roxies or percs, just hydro 10, and I know it's not the same by degrees! I know you're anxious. Are you following Rober_325's sub taper? Here's the link it's under featured drugs:
    Good luck to you and hang tough.


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