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Starting Week 3 CT and have a couple questions
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    Default Starting Week 3 CT and have a couple questions

    I am 22 days off of perks. I have a couple questions that I am looking for some insight on. Thanks in adavance! The first question is, Can symptoms of withdrawl come back? I am not feeling good today. I seem like I am back on day 5 Hopefully it goes away but is this normal? The second thing that I am dealing with is sleep. I am still waking up few times a night and still tossing and turning when trying to fall asleep. Anyways that again for any help. I am not looking back, just moving foward. Week 3 will be a good one.....

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    My take on this is very amateur: assume the best-you just can't sleep! GET UP and read for a while, work if you can, put on a boring movie (nothing puts me to sleep more than TV) and have a comforter at hand-nothing wrong with sleeping on the couch. Bucky Fuller used to sleep 3 hours, up 2+, 3 +-,sleep whatever...

    I was an architecture student at the time and you knew to bring a sleeping bag because he would stop in mid-sentance and leave (and amazingly upon return, start right where he left off). Sleep is waaayyy overrated.

    You will probably have to Google Bucky; this was at Simon Frazier College in Canada in ...1969??? Yikes! Amazing I can still type!

    6 hours works for me, FYI
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    Alldone, we have good days and bad in the beginning, the sleep will return just going to take a while. Remember you have been off the opiates a short time brain and body have to readjust, redefine their normal, the brain is another organ and has to heal also. Given time it WILL get better I can promise that. Surfdog

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    I agree with surfdog. Your body and brain are getting back to normal. Remember taking the opiates just to feel normal ? And now you know it was anything but. Well, you are healing. As am I. It's been 3 weeks today for me. I started back in the gym 3 days ago. I lift and walk. I am there about 30 min. That's it. Not very long huh? But for me it is monumental. Just getting there and doing anything was something I could not imagine 12 days ago. I found B12 liquid with dropper the other day. I believe it is helping me immensely. Congratulation on 22 days!.....your going to be fine.......carpe scrotum ....( seize life by the balls )

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