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Suboxone for 3 years...tapered to two small peices a day.
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    Default Suboxone for 3 years...tapered to two small peices a day.

    I've been slowly over months tapering down to a lower amount of suboxone. It's been a nightmare but I am finally down to less than 1mg a day. I have so many issues to deal with while doing this that I'd bore you with it all.
    Anyway, I have been feeling like I have tunnel vision, anxiety, crawling legs, diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss and this dry taste in my mouth.
    If there is anyone out there that understands just what I am experiencing, please give me advice on how to continue on.

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    Hi I'm also a full time dad of 3 and recently quit the subs myself after 2 1/2 years of use. I jumped off at a much higher dose, not because i planned it that way it was kind of timing and mixed feelings about just wanting to get off them and figured i would give it a try. Now i'm on my 3rd week without and feeling better every day. Probably wasn't the smartest or easiest way to do it but i gave it a shot and now the worst is long behind me. I know you tapered down this far but there are taper plans on here too that might help you because you are now at the that point where you need support and somebody to talk to who was in your exact position. From what i read about people who have been in your shoes is that they try to get on a stable dose then cut it back 25% every 4 or 5 days even at very low doses then when they are down to dust they skip a day take a dose skip 2 days and so on but i'm not very knowledgeable at that so i'm probably not the right guy for job. However I am here for support whichever way you may go and i'm not encouraging you to jump off at that dose but i am saying it is possible if you decide you would rather just get it over with. Good luck to you sir.

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    Hello, here's a link to Robert's sub taper plan. No need to worry about the induction part, just get stable on a current dose then follow the rest of the plan. Best wishes... God bless us all!

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