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Suboxone rescue doses.
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    Default Suboxone rescue doses.

    I have a friend who is going on 5 weeks but took rescue doses in between. Do you think that helped or hurt their progress. They are now 15 days without a sub completely. I flushed what was left. I need help giving her hope for the future.

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    Hi Mattchew

    What dose did your friend jump off? And what size were the 'rescue' doses? Sorry to say, but they were a short-lived rescue. It probably just prolonged the withdrawal for her. On the up-side, 15 days with nothing is great!! The length of the withdrawal will depend on what dose she jumped off, the stability of her dosing prior to stopping it, the rescue doses, as well as other individual factors (metabolism etc). Suboxone has a long half life - 24-72 hours. That means that in a given period of time after dosing, let's say 40 hours as an example, half of the dosed amount is still in the system. In another 40 hours, half again is left. So if someone was taking say 4mg every day, then there is a constant build up. After, say, 2 weeks of dosing 4mg every day, with a half-life of 40 hours, someone would have around 22mg in their system. For this reason, people who jump off higher doses tend to be fine for a week and then it hits them. They actually have a lot more sub in their system than their current daily dose. Does that make sense? That's just a random example, but you get the idea?
    This is why people on this site recommend a slow taper down to a low dose of 0.25mg or lower, only reducing 25% at a time. It minimises the withdrawal.
    So, I'm sorry to say I can't give you a straight answer as to when this might all stop. Too many contributing factors. A lot of people taking sub don't understand the half-life etc, so explain it to her. She might have thought this was all going to be over in a week, but she might need to mentally tough it out a bit longer.
    You are a great friend. Keep encouraging her, applaud her for coming this far, and tell her it will get better every day. Encourage her to exercise, keep her busy etc. Google the Thomas Recipe for OTC supplements that may help.

    There are many positive success stories on this site, including from a few people who jumped off higher doses. Encourage her to get on here and read some of the threads. Send her links to the positive ones. It will also keep her mind off things for a while.

    Tell her she can do this!

    Good luck.
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