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Suboxone >>. Subutex? help
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    Default Suboxone >>. Subutex? help

    Pretty much I need to know the high difference between Tex and oxone.
    I’ve been doing subutex by buying them from a friend, I love that they make me not crave oxy and they still give me the sort of high, “want to do things like a normal person, get up and do dishes” kind of feeling. I just need to know if the naloxone In suboxone prevents that feeling

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    The only difference between the two is the naloxone in the suboxone. An 8 mg suboxone has 2 mg of naloxone in it. While a subutex is straight buprenorphine. I was on suboxone for several years and they allowed me to forget about taking pills on a day to day basis, and let me live a quasi normal life.

    However suboxone/subutex should not be a permanent solution. If your goal is to eventually get clean we can help you with that. There is a suboxone taper plan that has helped literally thousands of members here get off the subs for good. Hope this helps and let us know what your plans are going forward.

    Welcome to the forums!!
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