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Suboxone success quitting 9 years
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    Default Suboxone success quitting 9 years

    I have been on suboxone for over 9 years. I have finally quit and i still cant believe i am free! I am not the best at navigating this site. I hope this post is in the correct place. I. Am sharing my story because i was so scared to jump after reading how long the WD lasted and many people said its worse the longer you are on this med. But here goes....
    I started out partying on meth and alcohol and while quitting all of that a friend offered vicodin to "help" with the wd from all of that. A year later i was on methadone 2-3 tabs a day.
    I went to the subs,office and did the induction. I was already in WD and just needed a way out. That first day i was advised to take 16 mg. A day. I told the dr i felt hi and like a zombie. Against their advse i immediatly lowered to 4 mg a day. Then 2 mg. I was so scared and sad to be thinking of this issue when i became pregnant. I quickly went to see the dr and let them know i had to quit. To my utter shock they said i couldnt do that. I was scared every day. I took a tiny piece daily and then sometimes would feel wd creeping up so id take a tiny corner. When i gave birth i cant tell you how cruel the nurses were. Baby had no signs of WD.
    After birth i found i needed more. Back to 2 mg. A day. I began dosing after i felt the WD ( i know thats not advised) so i knew what the WD from subs felt like. I have ran out a day early n spent the night tossing with no sleep. Finally i got a dirty test ( it was wrong ) my dr then said id have to return every week for a while at 200$. Finally i had a reason to jump because #1 it was not correct #2 i couldnt afford it. I nursed my last few pills i had about 10 8 mg tabs. Daily i cut my dose. Some days harder then others. Hard to measure but my last tab lasted almost 26 days. Then i stopped and i have to say i waited for the WD to get worse then it was but it never did. The nights were hard to sleep but when i stayed distracted it was better. I colored those adult coloring design books. I didnt wallow in the day forced myself in the sun and out n about. I went to work at day 4 and it was hard but id forget as i was focused. I do not have a cush job where i could hide. One thing that helped was remembering im healing thats what the wd is and i didnt. Need this in my system. It never peaked at 72 hours. Each day was better. Its been over 4 weeks now. Im sad i waited this long!! Just do it if i can anyone can!

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    My personal opinion is that you are not out of the DEEP woods. 4 weeks is a huge accomplishment. When the PAWS hit, it is time to, "dig your heels in".

    Hope all is well, I see that this post is almost 20 days old.


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    I just looked up "PAWS". Wow I thought I knew what that meant. That explains a lot!
    Update: still no meds. I was so proud of myself for getting past the physical part of quitting these meds I thought I was "out of the woods" not all together I'm aware I'm an addict and always will be.I have been in a n ongoing debate with my Dr about being "sober" while on subs. To me it's a joke and not true but that is what my drs office tells people. I have been told many times I would never get off of these meds. I wish I had done it sooner. The paws have been hard. I wasn't even aware that was affecting's true that I am short tempered and go from OK to pissed off quick and I'm not normally that way.
    I have no desire for meds at all.I feel thankful. The sun is brighter the sky everything feels looks smells better. I still have bad days where I want to be in bed all day but try to have a set plan and my husband helps wit h that.
    Thank you for the reply. I try to log on more often then I do. I work swing shift so I getting late it's often too late to post.X
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    Hey julyane. Congratulations on what you have accomplished thus far. That's quite a feat. Everything that I've heard about PAWS is that you can't focus or worry about them. We are all gonna have good days and bad. PAWS is actually a lot less frequent as most people think. They don't happen to everyone. What I have learned on my journey is that a lot of this is mind over matter. If you keep thinking and worrying about it your mind will find something to blame it on. Just take it slow. Keep doing the next right thing. You have come so far and the body is an amazing thing. Keep your head up and keep on truckin!!! Keep us updated and let us know how your journey goes!!

    Stay strong
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