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Suboxone and tonsil removal
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    Default Suboxone and tonsil removal

    I've been on suboxone for 3 years and have tapered down to 2mg a day at bedtime. I have a tonsil surgery Thursday the 26th and plan to take my last dose tonight the 24th. Will the pain meds work or will the sub still be in my system.

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    I would say it will still be in your system because of the long half life..
    so 24 hrs after your last dose you still have 1/2 your dose in your system..
    with most people it is cumulative.
    Although 2 mg is not the highest dose people are on it is still a pretty big dose.

    Fortunately they usually use fentanyl in the recovery room and that is the only opiate that can break through the sub.
    You might have to ask for that in pill form after ..

    It will depend on your dr because it is a very strong med to be giving pts to take at home ..

    Try to drinks lots of water in the next. Couple days and that will help.

    Good luck

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    Thank you so much for the help Bette I will use your advice the best I can and just hope for the best.
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