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Suboxone and Valium
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    Default Suboxone and Valium

    I have been tapering off suboxone for about 4 years. I finally took my last .125mg dose today.

    Back in December, I started having anxiety and trouble sleeping (presumably due to my suboxone taper). A friend suggested Xanax. It helped a ton and before I knew it I was taking about 2mg a day.

    About a week ago I switched to Valium to taper. I started at 40mg and have been decreasing 2mg a day. I know this is fast but I have only been on the benzos for about 3 months. I don't want to be tapering benzos longer than I was using them.

    Today I feel horribe. I am guessing it is due to it being my first day without suboxone (even though I weaned a very long time to get down to the .125mg). I am very anxious and am having alot of trouble concentrating on anything.

    Should I slow down my benzo taper while going through the sub withdrawl? I am worried about getting even more of a problem with it than I already have. But right now I feel miserable. I cannot wait to be be free from all of this.

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    I would suggest that you go to the need to talk board and post where there are more active responders. You should also look up the Thomas Recipe. You can use Valerian root for anxiety or L-theanine, Sleepy Time Tea Strong. Get plenty of exercise and stay hydrated: water and exercise are your best friends. Your symptoms are common, I can't tell if they're benzo related or not, I would say probably not. Valium is however, longer acting than xanax. Take it slow with the valium. What other symptoms are you having?



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