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Subutex Taper Plan (Robert325) for New Member
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    Default Subutex Taper Plan (Robert325) for New Member

    Hi everyone, this is my first post to the forum... A little history for y'all.. I have been a prescription drug addict for 12 years. I am 32 yr old male. I have dabbled in other things but my drug of choice and addiction is to opiate pain killers. It> began with Vicodin ES in 2002, and at its worst about 20 Norco 10/325 per day, single dose. Then I switched to street subs daily for about 4 months at the end of 2012 right before I entered residential rehab for 90 days...
    My first attempt at getting clean came in 2007, when I quit cold turkey, joined the gym and started weight training and taking care of my body. I was able to put together 16 months without opiates but drank occasionally, and sometimes heavily during that span.

    > Over the last 2-3 years I have had as much as 5 months clean which ended in May 2013, 3 months clean May-August of 2011.. I also completed an in patient detox and 90 days residential rehabilitation and reached the 10th step twice (once for each brief clean time 3&5 months).> For the past 5 months I have been under the care of a doctor and taking Subutex generic 8mg. My dosage started out at 8 MG per day and has gone to as high as 16 MG a day. I have rarely used the script responsibly and snort them crushed 95% of the time. Nevertheless, here I am, trying to find my way out again.
    I need to taper off subutex and I have read Robert325's method and am hopeful. Some parts I don't understand, such as the induction.

    > For example, today I got a refill of 30 for the month and partial filled 15 of those to get me to the next paycheck.. I told the doc I want to start tapering down to try and quit, and he reduced my dose to 8MG (one tablet) per day. Well being the addict I am, I "rewarded" myself for staying clean the day before my doctor visit by snorting 32MG in 6 hours.> It may not seem like it but I really am serious about getting clean but have trouble exercising discipline. Anyhow, from what I understand, in order to properly induct into this taper plan, one must be in full withdrawal, correct?

    If this is the case, It will not be too difficult refraining from dosing at all to get myself nice and dopesick. It is the part where you control your dose that I have trouble with. I am hopeful that I will be able to get and stay clean this time as I am taking 40 MG per day of Prozac, and this is the same medication I was taking coming off opiates when I put together 16 months.

    I am extremely optimistic that I will be successful and am very eager to begin this process, so if anyone would be so kind as to help decipher the initial induction period as pertaining to my specific situation, I can start tomorrow.

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    Can someone help me please?

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    Hi, and welcome. Sorry no one replied yet. This particular board doesn't get much traffic. You should definitely re-post this on the Suboxone Treatment board. Many of us there are currently tapering off subs.

    If you're already taking subs, there's no need to go into WD. The plan was originally written for first-time sub users, but since you're already on sub, you will start your taper at your current dose of 8 mg. If you're completely stable at 8 mg, your first 25% reduction will be to 6 mg. You can take it in one dose per day or split it into 2 equal doses. It's important to take your dose(s) at the same time every day.

    We're here to help you. This plan works if you're truly committed.
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    seven like Kat already mentioned to you since you already taking subs there is no reason for you to go into WD. You mentioned you have read Robert325 taper plan so it is all pretty well written out there for you. First if you want to have any success with the taper plan it involves taking your subtext by mouth and not by snorting them. If you cant refrain yourself from snorting them then you might as well forget the taper plan. I am just curious here but you said you rewarded yourself by snorting 32 mg over 6 hours. Do you get high from subtext? I used subs for 4 months to help me get clean and never had any problem with reducing my dose because I never felt any high with subs at all. Anyway like already mentioned you don't have to go into any WD at all to start the taper plan since you already have been taking it. Best wishes to you in your desire to get clean and remember take by mouth not nose.

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