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Subutex Withdrawl
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    So I've been taking Subutex for a little over 6 years now. I'm from Ky, but lived in Chicago for past 3 years until I moved back to Ky in beginning of February 2015.. Started at maybe 2mg a day off the street and now I'm up to 24mg a day with a legal script of 90 a month., probably so much bc I started injecting about year 2.. 1 1/2 8mg tablets 2x a day. Like clock work. Guess I got the whole sick and tired of sick and tired thing, couldn't see certain family members bc they would see my arms and KNOW what I was doing. Always depressed and just feel lonely. Not to mention, I moved to Chicago thinking I could get away from it.. Have no clue why I thought that bc in Chicago you can walk right into a pharmacy and say, "hey, I need a rig!" No questions ask and they'll give em to u. Guess their stance is better clean than dirty. Eh, not good for me.

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    did it cut half my message off?

    Anyway, I set a date to quit. 3/19/15. Got my script filled on 3/7/15 and went to town on them to run out on 3/19. I Haven't had anything other than ibuprofen since 3/19. And I feel great. I felt "great" I guess every day single I quit cold turkey. My WD have been this; mil restless leg, yawning, runny nose or eyes if I yawn a lot, stretching a lot, maybe my stomach knots up once a day for 3 minutes then it's pretty good except for occasional rumble thought day. That's it. My brother had horrible nightmares when he was WD from sub. Urinated the bed at night, begged someone to pick him up. He still gets them and I have no cravings. Haven't called him once to ask for some.. Nothing. Seems crazy. Ever heard of this? I feel lucky bc it's not bad at all for me, but it makes me feel bad bc I was able to do this to myself and this is the only price I pay while I read everyone else's horror stories about how bad it is..... I'm baffled.

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