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Switching from 15mg of methadone to suboxone, would really appreciate tips.
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    Default Switching from 15mg of methadone to suboxone, would really appreciate tips.

    Hi all, So I’ve been on MMT for 3.5 years, and on a dose of 15mg for around 5 months. I’m switching to suboxone, with the hopes of taking it for 2-3 months as a way of getting of all maintenance drugs without months of w/d. I’ve started to get some gross side effects from the mmt (weight gain, brain fog, etc) and I’m sick of being tied to the clinic. I went to the new suboxone doc yesterday and he decided my dose of methadone was so low that I only needed to wait 24 hours between my last methadone dose and starting the subs. He wanted me to take 2 mg of the subs when I woke, then take more if the 2 didn’t do it for me. I was supposed to start this morning, but I panicked and took my methadone instead, I’m terrified of precipitated w/d. Does this sound right to anyone?

    Relevant info: I don’t use any opiates besides the methadone and have been “clean” for 3.5 years. I take my methadone dose at around 4:30-5 am and it holds me until the next morning. I am in mild withdrawal when I wake up every morning though. I take Ativan daily for my anxiety and have a small emergency storage of xanax I have to continue working and going to school while doing all of this... honestly my biggest worry is getting through this switch without screwing up work or school. I don’t have anyway of getting any real time off from these things, although I do work from home (so I don’t have to look great, I just need to be able to think straight enough to work). I don’t want to use the subs for any longer than really needed. I’m getting married in November. I have bad timing :(

    I’ve tried to put all the relevant info in this post without writing a novel, but I might’ve forgotten something. Any advice, recommendations or personal stories would be so welcomed. I am scared out of my mind about this.
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