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Switching from Fentanyl to Suboxone (New user, need advice)
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    Exclamation Switching from Fentanyl to Suboxone (New user, need advice)

    Hi there and and nice to meet everyone,

    New user here but have been reading for weeks regarding this transition and I finally decided to reach out! I have been a chronic pain patient for several years after a bad accident and am now preparing to switch to Suboxone from Fentanyl. I have previous experience with detoxing, but instead it was 80mg of Oxycodone and I cold turkey'd through it. Boy was that hell!

    Long story short, I was put back onto opiates by a pain specialist a year later and we decided to switch over to Fentanyl since I was experiencing tolerance issues again with Oxy.

    I am now only prescribed Fentanyl 100mcg 72hrs and we are getting ready to start Suboxone induction.

    The Suboxone doctor said that I must wait 24-36 hours before we start induction with a small dose of Suboxone (1-2mg) to make sure I will not have precipitated withdrawals. From there, he said we will gradually raise the Suboxone to a stable dose.

    From what I have read, both Fentanyl and Suboxone have very strong/similar binding affinity and I want to make sure this is a smooth transition since my opioid-u receptor will be battling between both medicines. The last thing I want it to experience precipitated withdrawl.

    Below I have just a few questions if any experts out there can help me.

    1.) Does titrating upon induction with a very small dose (1-2mg) around 36 hours sound like a good idea? According to my doctor, he said I should not be worried AT ALL about withdrawals if we start the Suboxone at a very low dose.

    2.) What is the true reality of how miserable this induction will be? I am trying my best to not scare my partner as she sees me withdrawing since it can be a jaw-dropping experience to witness and this is all new to her.

    3.) How much time will be needed from when I remove the patch until I am completely stable again on Suboxone?

    4.) I will have on hand Xanax, Valium, Gabapentin, Clonidine and Zofran to help me get through the 36 hours. Any other recommendations?

    I am very excited to get off the Fentanyl and switch to Suboxone and want it to be as pleasant as I possibly can make it. If anyone could chime in with some tips or advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

    On top of this all, it is a true blessing to have a strong support system between my partner and family who can be here for me while I go through this. I truly understand the struggle once you are stuck on opiates and my heart goes out to anyone who is struggling. I would love to be able to help or talk to someone out there who needs words of advice as it would be the least I can do after experiencing everything that I have.

    Cheers to all and please chime in if you could provide any insight regarding the above.

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    I just left a reply on your other thread. It appears that you created two of them. Please allow this one to disappear and post your questions and updates on the other thread. It gets confusing real fast and is just much easier for everyone if everything is in one place. This will help you to avoid missing posts that others may leave for you and will help us find you and be able to follow your journey because it'll be all in one place.

    Good luck!



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    Hi Catrina!

    Thank you for posting and my apologies for the multiple threads; I did not know which forum to post in when I first made my account. I have thoroughly read your reply and will post on the correct thread momentarily. Thanks again!

    Admin- Please close this thread as I cross posted into the Suboxone subforum. I am a new user and did not know where to leave my post.

    - B

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    Hi Wizard - my experience is limited to Fentanyl. I opted out of Subs/Buprenorphine. As for other meds I would recommend Benedryl and Imodium. When the first gassy cramps started hitting me the Imodium helped big time.

    Good luck with it all!

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