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Switching Oxy for Hydro- Need advice
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    Default Switching Oxy for Hydro- Need advice

    I am a pain patient & had issues getting my Rx Oxy 10mgs 5x daily which I have been on for 4 years. I recently got off 45 of morphine sulfate ER since I felt it wasn't working. Doc took me up from 4 Oxy to 5 with no morphine. I had too much pain on just 4x daily.
    Since it was taking 4-5 days to get my oxy the doctor called in Hydro-codeine 10/325 5x daily until my Oxys were in stock.
    They told me the Hydro-codeine would be a little bit weaker. They were so strong, I could only take about 1/4 a pill every 4 hours & it seem to last much longer. After speaking with my NP, we think I should switch over to Hydro. I was concerned going from 50mgs of Oxy to 15 of Hydro would put me into withdrawals. NP told me to just take some pain medication when I feel I need it. Pharmacist said it was too quick of an exchange. I took 3 1/2 Oxy yesterday with a little Hydro & was going to transition over the next few days. Any thoughts? I feel really stressed, feet are very tingly, diarrhea & have some ache-ness & headache. Whenever I start to feel yucky, I have been taking an Oxy. Is that the right thing to do? I have plenty of both meds so not sure what the best protocol is. I asked my doc to call me in a few weaker Hydro(5/325) so I could play with the dose more but they didn't seem to get to it yesterday.

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    It's weird that you feel that the hydrocodone is stronger than the oxy and manages your pain more effictively. Are you speaking about oxycodone IR or the extended release, oxycontin? Hydrocodone 10mg. is weaker than the oxycodone 10mg. So 50mg. of oxy compared to 15mg. of hydrocodone is a big leap down in dosage. I agree with your pharmacist that it is too quick of an exchange because you seem to be experiencing w/d symptoms: anxiety, restless muscles or RLS, achy-ness, the big D. I would take the hydrocodone as a rescue instead of the oxy as that is what you want to transition to. You may want to do a more gradual shift: cut your oxy by about .25% every 3-4 days and take the hydrocodone in place of the oxy you cut. All in all, if the hydro was really holding you for pain and you want to transition, keep in mind that the oxy is stronger. For symptoms: Loperamide (immodium), some Kava tea or valarian root for anxiety or sleepy time tea. Hot baths. Gatorade: hydration and the "tingly stuff", plenty of water and exercise.
    If you are going off the oxy, cut that in slow increments of .25% every 3-4 days an supplement with the hydrocodone until you are done with the oxycodone. That's my best guess. I am not a doc or any type of expert on this, what I outlined just seems to make sense. Best wishes.



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