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Taper starts tomorrow...I need support
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    Default Taper starts tomorrow...I need support

    I start my taper tomorrow and I need support! I can't go inpatient and have been through this before but have always gone to detox. I had 4yrs clean. 3mo ago I took a hydro. Now I'm taking 10-15 per day
    1-2 1mg cholonopin per day and 1-3 soma and 1gram of kratom 4-6 times a day.
    I will start my taper off of the hydros first. 8 per day for wk one. Then 6 for wk 2..

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    Hey. I just read your post. How are you doing? - If youre up to answering. Totally understand if not. I wish you the best and am praying for your success. And remember, you are never alone.
    Everyone who loves you is rooting for you, too. Everyone only wants the best for the people they love.
    I have been on methadone for 20 years. For me, it was the only way. I was a chronic relapser. May good karma always be with you. ❤️☮️

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