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Tapering and needing much deeper help
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    Default Tapering and needing much deeper help

    Hey all. Same song and dance. I've had an affair with tramadol for years now. My first big stent was about 5 years ago. Ran out and went thru wd hard. At that time was able to be home 5 days to get thru but it was nasty!! Now I'm coming off a 2 year timeframe taking 700 to 1000mg/day. I'm almost out and can't get any for 5 days or so. I have 700mg left. I cut back to 150mg two days ago, 100mg yesterday and have had 75mg so far today but plan to take another 25mg. I had to work all day today and need to chart tonight. I'm a freaking healthcare provider so I have to look ok. Hard to do in a building full of professionals and a student up my behind (she is amazing but too smart. I think she suspects something is up). I had hot flashes today and the depression/paranoia/shame/anger were horrible! I actually ordered kratom to help. My plan is to see if I can tolerate being at 100/day for the next 3 days then go to 75/day, then 50, 25 and jump. I have more coming but that is scary too! I want to be strong enough to taper and throw the rest away. I feel like I need to get back to normal but the drugs lie and tell me taking them daily IS normal!! I know I have a serious problem and the thought of being busted kills me. I have a 20yo and a 12yo and it would break me if they knew!!! I need to know where to go for help. Not just for withdrawal but to figure out how to live outside of addiction. At any rate I feel for everyone in this struggle and wish I could offer more help/support. Maybe soon? Any support or help greatly appreciated!!!!

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    I know how you feel. My 17 you found out about my pain killer usage and she really wants me to get off of them. I was on ultramn for years then Norco then OXY now methadone. May I ask why you take them? I hate the fact that they aren't classified as a narcotic cuz the withdrawals from ultram are God awful. I started taking meds for fibromyalgia and chronic back pain. I had no quality of life so decided to take sultan. Which puts us to today I also have rheumatoid arthritis now.
    I wish you all the luck with whatever you decide. I do think tapering is the best thing to do. Cold turkey scare me. My blood pressure gets high my pulse is so fast it feels like it is coming out of my chest. My stomach gets in knots and I have anxiety just don't know how ppl do it and I give them the highest kudos.

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    I don't have any advice about tapering. I just don't have the will power to taper. But I wanted to post a congrats for taking your life back. I also have older kids and I would just die if they found out. My oldest daughter is a nurse and I always worry she will suspect something is up. I can't imagine having to go to work in a state of withdrawal. You can do it though! Good for you for being committed to stopping even under difficult circumstances!

    This is such a great place to come and get support. Keep coming in here. You got this!

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