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Tapering off norco
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    Default Tapering off norco

    I take 3 10/325 norcos a day for the last year . I have chronic pain issues and thought the norco was helping but my body keeps needing more of it . I have gone off of it before with tapering and the anxiety was horrible . I want to see if they are making me more sensitive to my pain . I think they help a little with pain but not worth the numbness I feel and yet I like the numbness. I just need support And to know even though my pain will still be there I will be better off . Thank you

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    Hello Amboo, welcome to this forum. Yes we as Addicts always want more..that's how I ended up with a 30+ year drug habit. Until I got clean for some time I didn't know my true pain level, where I was taking upwards of 20 pills a day everyday as my life slipped away and thank God I'm still here alive to tell you just one ibprophen actually works.. So you recognize it's becoming a habit of wanting more and more and as your tolerance grows the years will fly by. You can try to taper down again or just go coldturkey either way we all have to go through the withdrawal process. One I will never forget if I get those cravings again. Let us know what you decide Keep posting we are all here to support you.. Stay Strong for Today..

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    Lvg gave you the best advice and I'd tell you the same thing. I just wanted to add that I see you created two new threads. It gets confusing real quick when folks do that. Stick with this thread and allow the other one to disappear. That way all your posts and all the replies you get will be in the same place. This way you won't miss anything and it's easier for us to find you and all your questions and updates will be on one thread.

    Do you have a taper plan? It takes tremendous self control and most people can't do it but there are others who can and I hope that you're one of them. If it doesn't work, don't beat yourself up and maybe consider Plan B by jumping cold turkey. You'll have around five days of acute symptoms but then some of the worst ones will stop abruptly and you'll be left feeling like you're getting over the flu. Trouble sleeping and lethargy are two symptoms that are more stubborn but will very gradually improve. Once you're off those pills for just a few weeks, it'll be easier to assess your true pain level and to see if over the counter NSAIDS will help you. I found it impossible to believe that they would but they absolutely do without any of the side effects.

    Hope to see you continue to post. I found being a part of a community that truly understood how I was feeling and what I was going through was invaluable.


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    I don't know how I made two threads . I'm new to this forum thing . How can I always find this thread ? I am going to start today going off the norco . I had to use Ativan lasts time and it sucked . Is it easier going cold turkey ?

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