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Tramadol dependency
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    Default Tramadol dependency

    I have been taking tramadol for many years. There are days that I don't feel I need it for pain, but must take because I am dependent on it. I was on it for chronic pain. And, I would take it at times, just because I was so exhausted, and it help give me a little lift. I do have some arthritic pains, but something I feel that I should suck up. I must take the tramadol on days when I am not in pain, as I will become anxious, or feel really wiped out, if that makes sense.

    Anyways, I was honest with my dr., today. Now, I am questioning if I shouldn't have. I am not out seeking more pills. And, I do not take a huge amount. Currently, I am on Two or 2 1/4 pills a day. As I said, I have been on these for years. I do have aches and pains, but not severe, and tramadol may be not what is needed. Now, that I put it off there, it is on my record, and I must wean off the tramadol

    She seemed a bit aggressive in getting me off of this. At first, she told me to start taking 1/2 pill twice a day. I told her that seemed way too quick for me. I requested that we take it slower, and try to cut down to 1 1/2 a day, instead of dropping down to one. She agreed to my request. She said to take 1/2 pill, three times a day for a month. Then down to 1/2 twice a day for a month, then 1/2 pill once a day for a month, then stop.

    I started taking this back in 1996, and have been off for a few times per my request. I took Naprosyn when I was off the tramadol. I believe that I have not been off tramadol since 2006. I asked if perhaps, I should try a SNRI while trying to wean off, and she said that it was not necessary. And, it is not like I am getting off another opiate like >>>>>> and use suboxone for the withdrawal.

    I am very nervous about living without tramadol. I am caregiver for my elderly mother, and have a very per diem job. I need to function. I guess that I have developed a true addiction. I told the drs. that recently, I only have pain about 3-4 days a week, but need too take the tramadol, as my body needs it. She told me not to take it when I don't feel I need it, as I can develop an addiction. Hello.......I am already there.

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    I have two miniscule tears, and an associated cyst...going on with my knee. I completely understand what you say about taking it on days you may not necessarily need it for physical pain, as not taking it can lead to psychological pain. It helps greatly with my knee, and I would never condone recreational use of Tramadol, but I feel there is a great difference between taking it when not "needed"..for pleasure....or to avoid the hell of withdrawal.

    I didn't see an actual question In your post, so this reply can be taken for what it's worth.

    As far as doctors and coming clean with them (no pun intended), it all depends on the doc and/or medical clinic. Some are more conservative the others, and will "blackball" one as a "seeker" or abuser. Short of a polygraph, there really isn't a proof of pain to give the now-skeptical doc. Take care, and good luck.

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