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tramadol withdrawl
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    Default tramadol withdrawl

    I have been withdrawing from tramadol it's now day 20 when will the anxiety stop please help me

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    My usual questions are how much and how long? For the anxiety my answer is usually valerian root, although L-theanine may help. There is also an herbal remedy: "Serene L-theanine. . It seems that tramoldol w/d mimics the symptoms of benzo w/d to an extent, although many report anxiety after opiate w/d. The best thing you can do is to get exercise, exercise, exercise. Exercise helps you to restore the natural chemicals and endorphines in your brain to begin producing the chemicals that the drugs took over. You can also look into alternatives such as meditation cognitive behavioral therapy. Eat well, drink plenty of water, stay away from caffeine and energy drinks. EXERCISE.

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    You don't say whether you were on the drug as a prescription or otherwise. If it was a prescription, you might want to go back a little and taper off the drug. 20 days is a long time out though. Some of the longer acting opiods can take a long time to get out of your system if you have been on them for a while. I take it your pain no longer is a problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh88121 View Post
    I have been withdrawing from tramadol it's now day 20 when will the anxiety stop please help me
    As someone that has used tramadol quite a bit in the past I can tell you that anxiety isn't a physical withdrawal symptom after 20 days of not using it. After 20 days you should be feeling back to normal and pretty good. Any anxiety you are feeling is due to other reasons. I wouldn't go back on tramadol because of the anxiety by the way. Tramadol can relieve anxiety but it's a horrible way to feel calmer! As someone suggested exercise can relieve stress. Eating properly, getting adequate sleep, avoiding alcohol and caffeine can all help. If anxiety is your only problem now you are doing okay. I'd give it a bit longer see if you start to feel less anxious. If you used tramadol for a long time the anxiety may be due to not having the tramadol as a source of comfort. You may feel less anxious as time passes and you get used to living without the stuff and find as I have that life is better without it!

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