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Tramadol Withrawel,what to expect,
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    Default Tramadol Withrawel,what to expect,

    Hopefully if you are reading this you read my first post on how I came to be addicted to Tramadol. Ann Payne is NOT my real name and any resemblance to anyone who may have this name is strictly a coincidence!! Payne as in Pain I will share my odessy in withdrawel (a trip to HELL! How I detoxed myself and how I have now been addiction free for 11 months and counting! If you are a Nurse who is taking Tramadol you can see the risks,find out exactly what my signs and symptoms of withdrawel were and most importantly HOW you too can stop on your own!!!

    WARNING: This is not a scientific report. This is MY experience with Tramadol.Pain. and My Tramadol "addiction" and how I overcame it. It is NOT for everyone nor is it PRESCRIBED, by an MD. Best Wishes!

    First I want to emphasize Tramadol is NOT an evil drug. There is more harm done by Healthcare Professionals FEAR of addiction and LACK of proper PAIN CONTROL.When pain is properly addressed and medication is narcotic or otherwise is properly MEDICALLY supervised the dangers of addiction an abuse greatly DIMINISH! Especially in Nurses who are educated,have the knowledge, but due to injuries (many sustained while providing their service) and who unfortunately do not have proper access to Healthcare due to lack of finances! The analogy being a cook or server of food who my be starving but is strictly guarded,warned and punished if he/she touches any of the food in front of them! Many a Nurse will be administering pain medications like candy to those who need them (and countless who do not) while they themselves suffer horrible pain.Yet most Nurses have integrity and would NEVER resort to stealing or cheating a Patient but will instead seek and eventually find a way to self medicate. A practice that can lead to severe consequences and to many an unfortunate Nurse to full blown ADDICTIONS and IMPAIRMENT! I consider myself "lucky" to have recognized a problem and have taken the steps to rectify it. I write this so others may find hope and help themselves.

    It was a Wednesday night when I counted my remaining Tramadol,realized I was running low and needed to get more, but I had to work so I just figured would get more before Friday. By now I was taking 2 or 3 q 6h PRN. but since I was low I only took 2 q 8hrs. A slight preoccupation started to set in...what if I need more?

    Friday 5 am had a full day of heavy work assigned to Cardiac Care knew I would be turning lifting heavy so I took my last 3 (50mg tabs) but I had ordered more so they should be here Saturday.

    Friday 8p now I am out, a little anxious, start worrying what if I dont get them tommorow??

    10pm talk to neighbor who takes percocetts, similar action (tho this is a narcotic) but if I do not get my Tramadol this will help right? So I fake a toothache ( ok guess I AM addicted why else would I do this) my neighbor gives me 4 percocet. Relief well at least I wont withdraw.

    12am get on line look for signs and symptoms of Tramadol withdrawel anxiety check but not unbearble.Sleep. Saturday 8am wake up slightly sweaty anxious but not to bad, am I withdrawing or just hormonal sweat ( I am peri menopausal). Take 1 percocet.....Saturday 3pm feeling of unease is taking over Kids talk about Holiday Week end no school on Monday...Wait..what?? Holiday? Well I sure hope my Tramadol arrives by 5pm or??... Anxiety increases get just a tad shaky....Saturday 6pm.. didnt get my Tramadol NOW Im getting scared but wait I still have 3 percocet. Start looking did I leave a Tramadol in my purse? Desk? NO I m out!!!Saturday 730 pm Wait the dog had surg he had Tramadol! Is it the same? where did I put that (year ago) search everywhere, find 3 25 mg seroquel and 3 .25mg (1/4 of 1mg) clonodine in spare room (where my friend stayed when she detoxed from opiates) no Tramadol. okay if I start withdrawing these should help right? Isnt Tramadol wd the same as opiates? Have a little mental fog dont remember.....look it up on computer yes here it is WD S/S same as opiate so lets see I have 9 pills 3 each Percocett,Seroquel,Clonodine. Now my anxiety is increasing.....a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.. My 15 yr old wants me drive WHERE no not irritable didnt hear you sure.(my other child is married and lives in other state) You will be gone TONIGHT? For 2 wks? (going to her Dads we have an acrimonious reltionship do not talk) ...???? I am all alone! What if I withdraw no one knows, cant tell anyone ( no not even the friend I helped who now lives 300 miles away!!!)okay breathe you have some meds just take little pieces you are okay for today! Cut seroquel and Clonide into fourths!!!Since I ve never taken either of the meds on hand the Nurse in me, is getting worried!!10pm Saturday my anxiety is full blown panic! Feeling of dread restless, pacing, ???? why didnt I just take one of my Tramadol yesterday then I could still have some! Search house there has to be 1 somewhere! Find dogs med has 1 cut in 3 pieces okay thats 6.25mg each so if I take with one percocet it might help!NO wait its Sat. wont have more till Monday! Break it down to 8 hr increments save the Percocet for 1 qd....resp increase hr increases....palpitations breath clm down take the damn dog pill pieces lay down sleep.Cant sleep.. start legs thrashing..sweating...get up pace...remember patient in detox from >>>>>> who complained of restless legs said "guess why they call it kicking it" is this it? When did I take that seroquel 6.25 cant think count pills if I take another will I have enough better try the clonidine my b/p is probably up anyway!Lay back down...kick thrash arms legs, covers o off sweat around and around the bed I thrash! God what to do? I m a Nurse I call scripts in for Patients at work always can I call a pharmacy order me some Tramadol? What if they see my phone I will go to jail lose my license... no cant do that!!! 2am Call one of the hospitals claim tooth abcess ERs wont give pain meds or extract teeth! Speak with Charge explain my "tooth abcess" Can you ask MD to call in antibiotic and tramadol? NO not without you coming in YOU know that".....Maybe if I go cant do that no insurance an ER visit thousands $ CANNOT AFFORD! Get on line treatment options....maybe admit truth go in (its confidential) Wait this is a small town i will know the Staff no CANNOT do that!!!The minutes seem like days 230 am crying in full panic ..calm down take Ibuprofen OTC 800mg oh yea Nyquil always helps sleep take that! eyes burning I m so tired.....thrashing cant sleep! Only 3 percocet left if I feel this bad wont take another take another 6.25 seroquel with .25 clonodine and another nyquil.. 240am ???? how long does it take to work? 3am so this is how "accidental overdoses occur! Full blown panic! Write what you took ....3 15 am call neighbor crying tell them what took "due to tooth pain" Neighbor comes "sorry you took too much medicine wouldnt give you more percocett besides if I do I wont have any you know they dont re-fill early!"I ask them to check on me later (now I m REALLY scared of what I've mixed) Pray that I didnt OD on otc s plus the seroquel and clonodine, how will I explain those pills they werent even mine! If I die they will Know for sure oh God PLEEEEEAAAASSEE Help!!! How am I going to get through this untill Monday??? Heart palpitations, thrashing arms,legs, cant sleep resp fast!6am This is how I am going to die!How did I get here? Anger I wish I had not started self medicating why didnt that SOB MD give me another RX or 2 for Tramadol back 2 yrs ago? THEN I would not have resorted to this! No wonder some resort to street drugs for pain control then we as a profession wonder about increase in abuse!!Hell we are the ones pushing it! 7amSunday must've fallen asleep a bit ago in fetal position foot of bed when neighbor checks I mumble that my tooth hurts but am alive. (If they only knew). Now start this anxious leg kicking, arms thrashing covers on and off again!!! Never really saw this in Detox! okay calm down take seroquel, take dog out. 10 am take 1 percocett with 6.25 seroquel. Decide will go to ER later if continue like this. But what if they give me IM like MS or Demerol it would help this but wont be able to drive home (neighbor does not drive) and what if they keep me and then I have to work Tuesday pm???No cant do that if need be just hang on till Tuesday am when you can you Tramadol! ???? that if I can LIVE past this wont take anymore!!! The Percocet helped, not as shaky or Panicked 10 am call a clinic (Ive worked there) talk with Nurse I often work with explain "tooth abscess ordeal" Maybe ask Doc for just a few Tramadol and abtx with no re-fill to hold me till Tuesday Dental appointment. God Bless MDs who understand pain!!!He agrees calls script in!!Pick up Script at 3pm. Wont take UNLESS absolutely needed! 7pm anxious feelings come in spurts I reach for bottle of Percocett but anxiety not as bad as my "Saturday night in HELL" No I will wait. Read on tapering decide if it gets bad I will take 1 otherwise why risk going to HELL again? Monday 5pm its been how many hours? Force self to bathe restlessness and anxiety come and go! Reassured by my bottle of 30 tabs I do not panic!!! Tues 3p back to the grind lifting turning patiens ok I will take 1 but only one! For the next 5 working days I did that took one a day only. On my 4 days off the feelings of anxiety returned at intervals the restless returned at night but was manageable by me giving myself permission if in another 30 minutes or an hour its worse I will take ONE.Not once have I had to take myself on it! altho several times I have had to "give myself permission" more than once. Having the pills there may be a crutch but it beats the HELL out of a full blown need! We teach people "One day at a time" As short as a day is its toooo long for an addict or someone in pain! ONE MINUTE is easier to manage! Then 15 min,30, min or an hour!!!! I will always have back pain but between NARCOTIC ANALGESIA or TRAMADOL that is still the safest most effective mediction when used properly. I still take 1 dy 2 or 3 x (still do not have insurance so am gratefull can still get without rx) a week or 2 when the pain gets unbearable maybe once every 2 months.But every time I take one usually with a tylenol ES I am reminded of that Week end that Saturday I spent in HELL!!

    If you are a Nurse, wanted signs and symptoms there here in graphic detail! If you want to know HOW to stop its here also.Talk to your MD and if not contraindicated with other meds or conditions specific to you.... Seroquel 25 mg for anxiety take 1 or 2 every 6 to 8 hrs; Clonodine 1mg (not to be confused with Klonopin) for B/P greater than 140/90 and if you have had or have a predisposition for seizures Neurontin 100 to 300mg TID (1 every 8 hrs).

    WARNING: This is not a scientific report. This is MY experience with Tramadol.Pain. and My Tramadol "addiction" and how I overcame it. It is NOT for everyone nor is it PRESCRIBED, by an MD. Best Wishes!
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    Ann my sincere respects for your courage in sharing your experience. (Sounds horrible) but Kudos to you for you for recognizing the problem and dealing with it! I too am a Nurse and am familiar with the detox protocol you mention but does it not also include Trazadone for sleep and OTC Magnesium for the restless legs? They did at a place I worked. Anyway may those who read this be inspired by your experience and if needed find the courage to also seek help.If nothing else may it help any Nurse who may be facing this. God Bless you Ann!

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    I used to be addicted to Tramadol... Not going to lie the withdrawals are bad. Just hang in there. Take some time off work if you can. Take hot baths. Drink lots of water. You can get through this.

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    Tramadol, being a partial opioid analgesic, with properties that are similar to SSRI's should not be stopped c/t. You risk seizure and host of other symptoms. Please speak with a doctor. This medication must be tapered. Tramadol in high doses can cause seizure.

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