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Trouble with tired feeling but can't sleep -day 6
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    Default Trouble with tired feeling but can't sleep -day 6

    Just feels really low energy but can't sleep. Anyone know how long this will last? I know I'm through the worst of it but hoping for this part to end soon.

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    Hello, heymj: You have threads all over the place, so it's hard to follow where you are and what's up with you. Really helps when you stay on one thread. However, I will say that the symptoms you exhibit at day 8 are pretty normal. I know that you were at 9-10/ 10mg. norco, but not for how long. I am going to suggest some things that you need to do. (I c/t'd about the amount you were taking).

    Sleep: Melatonin/ strong sleepy time tea. Make sure the room is dark and no distractions. You can also use any other OTC sleep aid you wish. Sleep is one of the things that takes awhile to get back to normal. You can relax and meditate, some take hot showers, when they can't sleep. But don't fight it or get caught up in the insomnia, sleep will return.

    Energy: the best thing is EXERCISE even if it's taking a walk around the block or whatever that is the trick to get those natural endorphins moving. B-6/ with L-Tyrosine for energy. Most start with 500-1000mg, some take more than that, but around 1000mg. is a good place to start. B-6 helps to metabolize the L-T. I have used Boost by Irwin Naturals (Health food store) Energy drinks are a no-no. Drink plenty of water.

    One thing about exercise is that it gets your blood moving and your natural endorphins producing again.

    Congratulations on the day 8!!!! Have you put in place any plans to change old habits? Sometimes we find ourselves with time on our hands. Look into NA/AA to stay clean. But think about a plan.

    These symptoms WILL pass and you need to stay strong here and get a support network in place. (as in one thread here, LOL) But real f2f with others who have been where you are really can't be replaced with the anonymity of the boards. This is the most dangerous time, when it starts to seem that you will never get back to "normal", but it will get better: I guarantee that.


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    Oh God thanks for responding. I was taking Norco 10-325 for two years; long enough to get good and hooked. I have been taking a pretty strong stress complex since day before yesterday. I feel very anxious now as well (I have ativan which I took early on but am Leary to take it too much). My problem is I have lupus that includes joint, muscle and neurological pain. Problem is I was taking way more than was prescribed. I can't take Ibuprofen because it interacts with the other drugs I'm on. So I have to figure out how to deal with chronic pain that isn't going anywhere. I know the answer is not an opiate but still trying to figure out the rest. I do exercise as I walk my dogs twice a day.

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    I know the feeling when your so dam tired and sick and you CANNOT sleep!

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