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Trying to help
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    I somehow stumbled onto this site looking for something else. But felt compelled to try and help. My bf was addicted to opiates for 9 yrs. I did alot of research and helped him thru w/d. His worst complaint thru the process was the clammy sweats and stomach problems and trouble sleeping. I gave him things that put me to sleep both otc and script. But I gave him ginger tabs for stomach cramps and diarrhea and nausea. Every 4 to 6 hrs they work quickly and you can take 2 if need be. Ginger also raises temp so he didn't feel as cold. As for the sweats and loss of energy I gave him estroven ( is for menopausal symptoms amd worked well.) I gave him the mood and energy type and it helped immensely. A mulitvitamin to keep nutrients up and ibuprofen to help body aches and feverish issues. 800 mgs of ibuprofen. And use whatever helps you sleep. Youknow your body. But alot of the problems he went thru about sleeping seemed to be caused mainly by physical discomfort so all these things helped that alot. He also spent alot of time in the tub. Hot water opens pores and releases toxins. Epsom salts help with muscle aches as well. I pretty much kept him on this regimen for 5 days. I made sure to give Every thing as the last dose was wearing off for maximum help. I can elaborate on the exact times to take them if anyone would like.

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    I think it is amazing that you wrote just to help others in need. I am officially day 5. My problem at the moment is sleep. Thats why I am on this thread so late. I just wanted to write and tell you how amazing it is of you to offer any help and advice and not o judge for mistakes people have made. I hope your boyfriend is still sober and its amazing you was there for him. He is extremely lucky to have you.
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