In June my pcp put me on tranxene said I could take it prn and could stop whenever I wanted... So I took this as needed on Nov. 17 I had what my neuro called an abdominal seizure and again on Dec 9... I had already stopped taking the tranxene at this time not sure how long I had been off. So after the Dec 9 incident they said I needed to go back on so I did. When I went to my new pcp for refill she didn't want to do it but gave me 7.5 mg once a day from 15mg 2x a day and referred me to psych.. Psych switched to ativan 0.5mg 3x day last Tuesday. I last took tranxene last Monday... The ativan has me tingling feeling spaced out depressed and thoughts of suicide... My question is how do I get off of this safely... The psych planned to taper my ativan but it feels like my body can't tolerate it... So what do I do next? Went to er last night due to face twitching and convulsive like movements they said I needed another dose of ativan... I don't want more I want off!!! Please help any suggestions will be greatly appreciated