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Weaned off Tramadol, Codeine is next
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    Default Weaned off Tramadol, Codeine is next

    Hi guys,
    Firstly, respect to all the forum users, both those suffering and those now helping.
    My story. Well I'm a recovering alcoholic who's dry for 10 years.
    Yay for that!
    However... 4 years ago my GP somewhat unwisely gave my addictive self some Tramadol for a chronic spine condition.
    Needless to say, I liked it too much.
    For the last 4 years, I've taking around 1000mg a day.
    Scary, crazy amounts.
    I've somehow managed to carry on with my life, though my irritability, lack of motivation, sleep and sex issues etc has caused problems.
    My GP got wise and cut my dose way down, so I imported online.
    I've been wanting to stop for some time but have always had a steady supply.
    Luckily, the drug is now Class C in England and I don't want to import a controlled drug.
    Which means I devised the possibly not so great plan of stopping Tramadol using Codeine and 5htp.
    So from taking around 1000mg a day, I went to 600, then 300, then 200, 100 and then 0mg 4 days a go.
    At the same time, I took Codeine to take the symptoms partly away, as well as 5htp, vitamins, minerals, q10 etc.
    Today, 4 days after last Tramdol, I took 120mg Codeine ( better than 1000mg Tramadol a day but not ideal).
    I aim to tail off the Codeine over next few days now.
    Luckily, I don't like the effect of Codeine (unlike my love for Tramadol) and so the prospect isn't so bad.
    I've got the week off work, and so have been drinking water and green tea like a mad person while doing tons of exercise and being generally very busy (a little manic probably!).
    This seems to help with the sleep, which is a little hindered by aching legs and brain zaps but I've been taking herbal calming tablets for that.)
    Overall, I feel much better already and am very hopeful for being clean by the end of the week.
    I remember trying to stop dead taking Tramadol once and it was like going to hell, mentally and physically.
    This way feels much more manageable and realistic (and safe).
    These GPs who dish these things out like smarties are nuts, so ignorant.
    They're dealing addiction, misery and death in my opinion.
    Tramadol is just evil. The hold it takes over your mind and body is terrifying.
    I came cold turkey off alcohol many times and rattled for days. That was horrific but easier than Tramadol.
    I've read that tapering off on Codeine isn't too bad at all, so am feeling confident moving forward this week.
    My mood has been good thanks to the exercise and 5htp, I can even go to the toilet properly again.
    Brain zaps are a pain but used to them having come off anti-depressants before.
    Anyway - waffling now, sorry. My brain races at the moment.
    Wish me luck for the next few days.
    Thanks for listening - you're the first people to hear of this, so you're even more special than before!
    All advice welcome.
    Thanks for reading.
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    I forgot to add - only been taking Codeine for less than 1 week.

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    Then you should be able to taper those quickly and be done or just drop them altogether, either way. You are so right, especially on that high dose of tram, it's necessary to taper. Part of it functions like an anti-depressant part as opiate. BAD idea. I so hear you about docs who say tramodol is not addicting.
    Here are some things that may help you:

    Immodium, some say liquid is best. This also helps because it has an loperimide which is an opioid receptor agonist/ doesn't cross the blood brain barrier.
    Gatorade: helps with cramping
    Hyland's Restful Leg or Calme's Forte
    Plenty of water and good fruit juices: STAY AWAY from energy drinks
    A good mineral supplement, magnesium, calcium, potassium
    vitamin supplement
    EXERCISE: this gets your natural endorphines producing again, so important even a little walk around.
    Serene L-theanine/ valarian root either for anxiety.
    melatonin or other OTC sleep aid
    Lethargy: L-tyrosine with B-6



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    I haven't done tramadol but other opiates but tramadol was suppose to be the new non addicting medication..
    Just like vicodin 25 years ago.. I work in the medical field and we just started dispensing tramadol the same as morphine, dilaudid ect..
    Sounds like you will be off the codeine soon..
    It might take a little while to feel 100% especially cuz tramadol not only acts like an opiate but also an antidepressant .
    Now your brain has to learn how to do that naturally .
    The 5 http, vitamins and exercise will definitely speed the process up!
    I love England!
    Talk to you later
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    Thanks guys!
    Last night was a bit rough.
    Down to 90mg of Codeine and felt it - legs restless and aching, tossing and turning, not nice.
    Managed to get some sleep and have been walking in the beautiful countryside in Yorkshire today, which felt great (thanks for the kind comment about England, yeah it's a great county despite those who like to run it down!

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    Hmm this site is deleting my comments.
    Anyway - 60mg tonight.
    Wish me luck.
    Gonna take them just before bed with some herbal sleeping pills.
    The days are fine. It's lying there awake, aching and restless which is nasty.

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    Hilarious mood swings by the ways.
    Ecstatic one moment, crying the next.
    I haven't cried for years - must be a good thing!

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    Hi tbp. I, too was on alot of Tramadol & was tapering down my Dilaudid & it seems that the Tramadol is worse to withdraw from; symptoms last longer too. If u look up my posts you'll see what I was on & how I'm trying to cope. Sorry I just don't have the energy to rewrite it. It's been VERY hard on me & I'm going on 2 weeks as of tomorrow & I'm still struggling horribly. How did u do it? I was thinking of getting Tylenol with Codeine to see if that'd help but I'm totally at at loss & don't know if that'll make me feel better or am I just asking for more trouble? Sorry if I sound so negative; just getting SO discouraged & depressed. Crying so much; then so angry, etc. with my emotions. My back is killing me; hardly any sleep & just so out of it. Got a Drs appt today; she doesn't have a clue about me quitting everything cold turkey & am so worried she's going to suggest another addictive prescription of sorts & don't know if I'm strong enough to say no. I just want this all over but it's so hard

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    Hi, I'm from England too and trying to quit codeine, last time I tried i took tramadol to help then became semi addicted to them. But I'm now 10 days with nothing, I've posted in the sub forum about my issues, but just wanted to wish all the best to you. I'm sure if you only take the codeine for a short period of time you should have no problem stopping them, but they do make you very constipated so definitely get some loperamide for when the diarrhea starts! Good luck x

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