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weaning off of suboxone!
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    Default weaning off of suboxone!

    Hi fo3"ks... I posted in another forum on this site and didn't really get any responses so this is my last effort before I throw this site to the dogs.
    I had an oxycodone addiction for about 2 years. I have chronic back issues which still exist but so far so good. I went thru detox and the Dr started me on 8 mg suboxone. I have been on these for a little over 2 months and can't stand how they make me feel so I am now weaning off of these. Over the last couple of weeks I have weaned down to about 1/4 To 1/3 of a strip. Having hot flashes and some pretty heavy sweating but dealing with it pretty well. Dr put me on valium to deal with the anxiety which has helped tremendously. I also take lexapro& trazodone for depression.
    I'm getting scared now that I'm almost down to nothing and will soon be skipping days and the FINAL dose!
    Any suggestions or recommendations are very very much appreciated!

    Thanks for listening/reading!

    Janice ♡

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    Hi Janice,

    Where is your other thread? On which board?

    Your best bet is to copy and paste this into a new thread on the "Suboxone Treatment" board. There are several of us there also currently tapering off subs.

    This particular board is kinda slow so you may not receive a lot of replies.

    Come over to the sub board! Tapering subs is hard but possible. How often have you been reducing your dose and by how much?


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    mammaj Guest


    Thanks Kat! Took your advice and it worked! !
    Thank you big time!
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