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What's detox like in a detox center? 30 day inpatient?
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    Default What's detox like in a detox center? 30 day inpatient?

    Everytime I detox Off painkillers I get super nasty and angry so I'm thinking about going in to a detox center to do it alone this time (without my husband)

    For those of you who have gone, can you tell me what to expect?

    This detox center gives comfort meds I know for sure (not suboxone) but what id really like to know is the logistics..

    Like will they give me enough drugs to keep me asleep the first few days or will i be up miserable and bored to tears?

    Are they able to keep the aches and pains under control with certain meds? I get killer left leg pain every detox and im scared to be stuck somewhere with that pain cause at home i manage it with heating pads and lotions and things like that...

    Was there a tv in your room?

    Did they offer meetings where you went?
    Im hoping to go to a 30 day impatient afterwards... feel free to tell me what that is like as well if youve been!

    Any and all info wojld be great! Thank you in advanced!

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    Seriously? No one has any experiences? Did I post in the wrong section or what? Maybe no one is sober here lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawnamama View Post
    Seriously? No one has any experiences? Did I post in the wrong section or what? Maybe no one is sober here lol
    Hi Shawnamama,

    I guess my post from yesterday was filed in the nether regions because it disappeared. Sigh. I have not been to inpatient detox but I've been a bystander for four or five of my son's stays. The first was a 30 day treatment center out of state, I think there was 3 in a 5 day detox and the last was 21 day detox. Total of three different places and each treated the same way. Here's what I know.

    The "comfort meds" they offer aren't that much. They gave him Visitral for anxiety and sleep for the first 5 days only. It helped a little but didn't do much for sleep. Except for the 30 day inpatient, they gave him 20mg of methadone on Day 1 and decreased by 5mg each day giving him 5mg on the day he was discharged. This lessened the detox symptoms for days 1-5 but when he was discharged he had to deal with some symptoms from the methadone including anxiety and continued poor sleep. No other meds were given to him. If your intent is to sleep during the worst of the detox, there are some places that offer a "medically assisted detox" where they do give you lots of stuff to try and keep you knocked out for the most part. I have no idea how well this works because I don't have personal knowledge.

    Detox itself usually has shared rooms and no, there's no TV's in the rooms. They don't want you to stay in bed or to isolate. You will probably be required to attend several "group" sessions everyday while you're there. I suppose it will be somewhat boring but much will have to do with your willingness to step up and do the work that will benefit you. If you decide to go inpatient, take advantage and go for at LEAST 30 days. Assuming you need the detox portion that'll consume most of the first week and then after that they begin treatment. Classes and meetings throughout the day. Again, not spa time but instead your time will be very scheduled.

    If you have the option of going to inpatient treatment, I would encourage you to do it! Detox is detox and is never fun but being inpatient will at least remove the option of giving up on it. You'll get the intense support that you need and after all, we can't begin the work of long term sobriety unless we can get clean in the first place. There's the hope that you will gain the tools you need and learn the importance of continued support when it's time to step out of the door.

    Hope this helped some. Keep posting!



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    Thank you Cat! Very helpful..
    Im not sure what kind of treatment center my insurance sends me to but i know they give meds to make you comfortable..or so they say. And comfortable is subjective lol
    I want to go to rehab but they want me to jump through all these hoops to be sent there. Im hoping by going through detox they send me. Thanks!

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    Cat's response was pretty much spot on. I did a detox then treatment program a few years ago. The detox was 7 days, then 21 days of treatment. The detox I went to did give subs tho, plus sleep medication. And my room was the same as Cat described - 2 to a room, bathroom, no TV. The TV was in the common room. They pretty much discouraged anyone from staying in our rooms for long periods of time. There were group meetings, NA/AA meetings, individual counseling, etc. The common room had a TV, dvd player, movies, books, games...

    Hope that helps a little.

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