I hear and read about the evils of smoking, and now E-Cigarettes are under fire. Everyone up in arms to get them banned, regulated, and most of all, kept out of the hands of minors.
I know all too well about the repercussions of cigarette smoking. I have COPD as s result.
I am also a recovered addict, so i am all for the war on Rx pain pills. What i do not understand is why alcoholic beverages are never even mentioned in passing. Never anything about the middle and high school kids who are either budding alcoholics, or as i was at age 16, a full-fledged alcoholic.
Never any mention of familial violence in which children and spouses are abused, or even killed, due to a couple of six-packs. Nor the lives of whole families lost due to an inebriated driver. Lives ruined, jobs lost, marriages ending in divorce, families torn apart.
See, I know about that as well- a recovered alcoholic. Thankfully my drinking was in binges and no one was affected too much. But I was not a nice person when drunk.
I think it is time for those martini-scotch-drinking legislators, as well as the non-drinking public to tske notice of this.
Billions of dollars spent on tobacco, weed, and pain pills, but nothing said about the most readily available legal drug called Coors Light. It is even glorified in front of our children on national TV.
Nuff said.