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    Get your doctor to write you a prescription for neurotin and clonidine "catapress " Beta Blocker. They usually always write them both min 3 months script and that's all you will need. I'm 38 and done ,abused every drug interactions know for over 15 yrs straight daily, so I have a ton of knowledge from experience. I'm clean these days ,have been a couple few yrs now. Neurotin with clonidine will take away 85%-100% of all physical pain for any opiate,suboxone, methadone, herion,oxys,done them all,and this combo fixes. Now for Benzodiazepine addition of 15-20 bars daily for 15 yrs, all I can say is good luck,in had to be medically detoxed for 3 months and I swear I'm still not right upstairs. Been yrs since I took one and I still crave them,ruins your life believe that!Any suffering from Kratom addition, withdrawal. Neurotin only will 110% take away every symptom. Took opms silver maeng da 15gr s daily for a year,Neurotin crushed it. I was off the kratom 8 days later no symptoms, quit the neurotin and that was that Neurotin saved my life countless times, so hopefully this helps
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    Good to hear! What dosages of both did you take? I have clonidine 0.1mg and gabapentin 300mg. About 30 of each.

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