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withdrawal supplements
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    Default withdrawal supplements

    can muscle relaxers help with opiate withdrawal?

    i have some METHOCARBAMOL - info says for muscle relax and opiate withdrawals

    any help?

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    I'm not sure about that drug, having never heard of it before. The Thomas Recipe is usually recommended for c/t from opiates. You can find that in either featured conditions or featured drugs.

    Good Luck!



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    It's a muscle relaxer, I took it for a year or so after a car accident. As far as opiate withdrawals I'm not sure but is worked really well for my neck problems.

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    ive never heard of that drug, although i personally recommend trying to get off without using any pills that aren't vitamins. i only took melatonin once and didn't much care for it. i'm at the beginning of week 3 suboxone free and im feeling pretty good. Im also very happy not to have to rely on anything for sleep, itll be hell for about 9 days. but its such a relief when its easy to sleep again. i noticed when i first started being able to sleep again i would wake up more tired then when i was getting minimal sleep, but for me even that only lasted a few days. then everything starts to feel like its working right again. i make sure to walk at least a couple miles a day. For the first time in years i have a tan

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