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Withdrawing from Oxycodone
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    Default Withdrawing from Oxycodone

    It's been about 36 hours since I took my last dose of Oxycodone. I had been taking 5 mg 5-6 times per day for approx. 90 days, but, thankfully, the pain has been successfully eliminated with an epidural steroid injection. I've had intermittent nausea and sweating for the last 18 hours or so, but now have a runny/stuffy nose, cough and tight chest. I don't know if I have a cold or flu or if this is all opiate withdrawal related. In the past I've been on a similar dose of Oxycodone for longer, but had absolutely no withdrawal symptoms at all so I'm truly unsure if this is withdrawal or I'm simply ill. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hey Fleuramore- I had the same symptoms coming off methadone. Really weird, sneezing like crazy... I didn't think I was sick, then my husband caught cold... figured I had been sick, and he got it from me. Go figure. Feel better

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    I had a lot of flu like symptoms at my start and one thing that really helped me get through everything was the Thomas Recipe thread on here (link included). Has some great information and allowed me to make it through. There's a lot of good support on this site too!

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