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Years of Oxy Codine addiction
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    Default Years of Oxy Codine addiction


    It's been 3 years off the oxycodine oxycontin etc after 5 years on them. Now as it because of health pain I'm on Codine and basically live in mild withdrawal everyday on my dose.

    I really think my brain is rewired as I've never felt anything since the oxy. Has anyone felt they have never be the same since clean.

    Suffer major depression anxiety 20+ years
    I don't see a way out or controlling pain and been happy ever again

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    Hi Kiwi
    It’s feels like that now but believe me it dose get better. I have been on 180mg of oxy x2 plus anything from 20mls to 80mls if oxynorm solution for breakthrough pain in bad days.
    I have had over 35 operations and procedures since April 2003 to this present day and today is the first day I have spoken about it online.

    Can I ask what health pain you suffer from

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    Hi kiwi
    I was on slow release oxy and quick release and percs for 5 years and it took almost a year of methadone to come off everything but I did and I was 9 years clean but started about 4 months ago taking tylenol3 and i couldnt handle being addicted even though the pain was bad as of today i am on day 5 of going cold Turkey off of codiene

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