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Zubsolv Withdrawal
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    Cool Zubsolv Withdrawal

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Jason. I've went through withdrawal from Oxys more times than I'd like to admit. I always came on here and read the posts of others to get through the bad stuff and know what I'm getting into. I decided to finally join up and create my own thread. The main reason I'm doing so is because there aren't many posts about Zubsolv, so hopefully I can help someone out. I'm going to be very thorough. Here's a little background. I'm 23 years old and have been doing painkillers for about 4 years. I was doing anywhere from 150-210mg of Oxy a day. I finally got on Zubsolv about 7 months ago after numerous cold turkey withdrawals and relapses. I've recently decided to taper off. My original taper was taking a little too long so I altered it. I was on 5.7mg per day. I went to 2.8mg per day for 10 days, to 1.4mg per day for 10 days, to .7mg per day for 4 days, to .525mg per day for 4 days, to .35mg per day for 4 days, and then off. I didn't really feel any discomfort. Sometimes I would get a tiny craving or some anxiety here or there, but that's it. Nothing serious at all. I think I may have even started feeling better towards the end. I don't know if it's because I went through cold turkey Oxy withdrawal so many times or what. Now, I'm finally off. I wanted to start giving a timeline so others will know what happens and maybe some can give me a little support. First off, I want to let everyone know what I'm doing to ease the withdrawal. Not sure if it works, but I've done this every time. I take a sport multivitamin along with fish oil and an antioxidant pill in the mornings. I drink a smoothie with whey protein in the morning, and eat 5 more meals throughout the day. Sometimes I drink glutamine at night. Here's an example of what I do:

    8:00am-smoothie, sport multivitamin, fish oil, antioxidant pill.
    10:00am-grapes and orange juice.
    12:00pm-tuna sandwich, green beans, green tea.
    2:00pm-orange and V8 juice.
    4:00pm-smoothie with whey protein and take fish oil.
    6:00pm-steak and rice.
    Before I go to sleep, I try to drink some glutamine.

    Now I'm going to start my timeline. I'm currently on day 2.

    Day 1: Just a little discomfort. Not a lot of motivation. Not a lot of energy. Kept getting cold, so I sat in the sun for about an hour and talked to my friend on the phone. Went to the store and bought some Epsom salt and antioxidant pills.

    Day 2: Got 6 hours of sleep. Feeling really unmotivated. Have anxiety. Eyes feel dry. My feet feel really heavy, and I keep getting cold. Legs are fidgety. I took and Epsom salt bath in the morning. I still don't feel that bad. At least nothing like full-blown cold turkey Oxy withdrawal.

    I really think it's all in my head. I also know it will get better day by day. I've taken benzos and clonidine in the past to help, but sometimes I feel it does more harm than good. The benzos make me feel too loopy and I hate the feeling. The clonidine does help with the coldness, and it will knock you out, as will the benzos. I will keep everyone updated. Also, does anyone else have any experience with Zubsolv so I can know what is to come or if people have had similar experiences?

    Also, everything I've ever taken was prescribed.


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    Day 3: I took some benzos to get some sleep. Slept great. Woke up and had give someone a ride right away. I feel alright. I actually went and got a haircut. I'm still really unmotivated. Everything is a chore. I don't have lots of energy, and can not stop sneezing for the life of me. My feet also still feel heavy and my legs are still really fidgety. I have no anxiety, but I know that's solely because of the benzos from last night. I can't stop sh*tting either. So far, really not that bad.

    Just to add a couple things. I drink a ton of water a day. Probabably about a gallon. Some days I take Epsom salt baths. This is the last time I will ever go through this. I decided, I AM DONE. I changed my entire lifestyle for this. I can definitely do this. Anyone out there?

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    Hi Jayson Im out here! but im not sure about the drug your on need to do some research on it!!! but were here your not alone!

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    Hey man how's it going. Hope to hear an update. I too am on zubsolv. I'm down to microgram dosages. Too anyone curious, zubsolv is just the same as subs. They say a 5.7 mg tablet is equivalent to 8mg of suboxone. There is less naloxone in it. Anyway good luck.

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    Default Help lol

    Jason, hi heather here. Percocet and ambien addict for 7 years. I'm 125 was putting 330 pills every month in me for seven years. Almost died April 17 by overdose. Went to rehab. I'm 6 m sober. I got the taste of freedom of the prison I was in. I don't want any more Meds. They made me be on zubsolv and said minimum one year. Well I told them last month that wasn't happening and were tapering me off now cause I felt I was becoming addicted to zubsolv. I was tapered off correctly for a month. Now I'm three days off zubsolv. I feel awful. How long does this usually last? My doctor said I'm going thru acute withdrawal syndrome which last about 2 weeks. I am on clonodine, visatril, seraquil. Plz tell me it eventually leaves?

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    Default Spade

    So I’ve detoxed off of Zubsolv 11.4 three times a day for five years first week was the worse experience I’ve ever went through I’m on week three and still can’t sleep all night my legs jump around I’m just so tired and wore out I did taper down but still it was not easy tried a lot of methods nothing s worked yet need sleep suggestions?

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