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11 days off Suboxone - advice
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    Talking 11 days off Suboxone - advice

    today is 11 days and I have to say I'm pretty darn proud of myself. It sounds a little silly but after 15 years of addiction (9 years on Suboxone) there have not been many proud moments. When I started 11 days seemed impossible. i know I have a LONG road ahead of me but that's why I have to just get thru today and not worry about tomorrow I still feel the w/d raging on my body and probably will for a while at this point my lack of sleep is hardest to deal with. I hope that if anyone wanting to get off Suboxone reads this they will know they can do it. There are so many horrible stories about coming off Suboxone and it scares the bejesus out us. It is a long hard road but it also is possible. I mean I know most people go to Suboxone to avoid withdrawals but I know for me it was just a stall tactic. At some point no matter what you are on you will eventually have to go thru it. When I started Suboxone it was pretty knew and not really understood. Not sure that doctors understand it any better especially when it comes getting off of it. I had a 2 year old son and thought I cant go cold turkey because I had to be able to care for him and all my other responsibilities- I couldn't do that while detoxing or so I thought. At the time it was the best I could come up with. I mean it kept me from going bankrupt because I was cut off by dr and getting them off street which also could have put me in jail. It kept me from craving and freaking out about where my next fix would come from however, I wish with everything I would have just got off the hydros/oxy then. Suboxone is an evil monster and in my experience 100 times harder to detox off of. The few times I did try to get off hydro/oxy after 4-5 days the worst part would be over. I just could never get past my mental addiction. On day 11 I still have a long road ahead of me. My energy is still nowhere to be found and my anxiety is thru the roof - becoming panic attacks at times. Pretty sure that is just my mind waking up from fog and becoming a functioning part of my body again. When you decide to do this you have to be in the right mental state and really want to do it. If you are doing it just because you ran out or dr cut you off it is so much harder in my book because you may not be prepared. If anyone has any questions or just needs encouragement- or just a listening ear please let me know. It's hard to talk to people who don't know what your going thru or like in my case I was ashamed so didn't want to talk about certain feelings. Please know there is hope and talking is very helpful to me - especially when having a bad day. Hang in there because there is always hope

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    Good job Texas!! It gets easier..I'm typing this at 5:26 am in the morning and am on nothing and feel 80% better after 44 days. The first 2-3 weeks were the hardest, after that you will start to see progress daily with minor ups and downs that are normal. After a few weeks start exercising!! I can not stress this enough! Also a clean diet with supplements to give your body/brain all it needs to heal. Not sure where your mindset is at as far as sleep supplements go but first month I used phenibut and it worked well. I used kava, l-phenyline, melatonin, valerian and 5-htp last night with 400 mg ibuprofen and slept well. Remember to do it once , and never have to do it again. God bless you and keep moving foward, never looking back!

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