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12 years on sub and willing to do anything to get life back
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    Default 12 years on sub and willing to do anything to get life back

    I started going to dr where I live back in 2006 to get help with opiod withdraws,,I had been getting 150 tablets of hydrocodone 10 mg. A month for 5 yrs ,and was getting shots in back monthly for back pain and that dr also had me taking fentanyl 45 mg every 3 days also for 5 yrs,,so when a friend said there was a magic drug that guaranteed no withdrawals I was all over it,,when I started at sub clinic in 2006 they started me on 32 mg of sub a day,,that went on for 4 or 5 yrs then they dropped me to 24 mg a day and that is where it’s been until about a year ago when I was going to get myself off at my pace so I actually have myself down to,,well,,I’m breaking a 8mg tablet into 3 pieces,so I’m making 8 mg last 3 days ,but I’ve tried just cold turkey from the 2.5 or whatever exactly it is I’m on daily,but it’s like even that low of dose is as bad as when I was taking 32mg. Daily and tried quitting,,is there truly a way off these and I mean a way where I can still be able to work ,support family,or is it hopeless it’s been 12 years on these things,,I just want to control my own life again,,tired of not being able to go more than 1 hour without worrying about subs,,please somebody HELP,,!!!!!!!!

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    Hey dwilhaminky. Welcome to the forum. As you know now. Subs are brutal to get off. No doubt about it. Even the 2mg ish that you've been taking a day is a hefty dose and definately not recommended to jump from. I jumped from 1mg and I suffered for about a month and a half. Sure some days were better than others and some symptoms subsided while others kept hammering me relentlessly. But I survived. And today I'm feeling great and I never have to use again.

    We have a suboxone taper plan located at the top of this forum page. It's marked "sticky". Give it a read, you can skip induction and go straight to tapering seeing as you're already on the subs. Basically it calls for 25% reductions every 4-7 days until you are at .25mg. Yes point 25mg. Subs are crazy strong and with their long half life it stays in your body for a long long time. From there you can continue to taper lower, work in the skip days process, or jump. If you taper that low you won't need to miss work. Sure you will have a few mild symptoms crop up here and there while you taper when your body is adjusting to the lower dose, but trust me it will be better than jumping from a high dose.

    I'm glad you found us here. There are some great, knowledgeable people here and I'm sure some of them will be by to offer their support. Be proud of yourself for tapering from 32mg to 2.5ish. That's quite a feat in itself. And we can help to get you even lower.

    Keep posting and asking questions. We are here to support you through this.
    Have a great day!

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    Hey Dwilhaminky -

    WOW! 32 mg of sub per day for 5 years...? I can't imagine the stacking effect that had on you. And to cut all the way down to 2.5'ish mg per day is great! If you really want off the sub, do what Beef suggested and read the taper protocol contained in the Sticky at the top of the page. I imagine it'll still take you 6-8 weeks to get your dose down low enough to jump, but it is totally doable.

    I was on subs for 11 months and tapered down to .25 mg and jumped off. Since I followed the taper plan, my jump and landing were pretty mild, WD-wise. Sure, I had some symptoms; anxiety, restlessness, mild GI issues, boredom, cramping legs... but all things considered, I did pretty good.

    Just a reminder... you really got to want it, being off sub. You have to commit yourself to tapering 25% every 4 - 7 days. But if you follow the plan, you will be another success story.

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    Hey dwilhaminky, I was on subs for 11 years and during 4 years of that I was also on 32mg. I started at 16mg and went up to 32mg in 3 years. Over the last 3-4 years I tapered from 32mg to .06mg and I just jumped 10 days ago.

    I spent a little over 1 year tapering from 8mg to .6mg and then I stayed on .6mg for almost 1 year. When I decided to get off, I tapered to .25mg for almost 3 weeks and then to .06mg for 1 week and started using the skip days process. I spent a month tapering from .6mg to .06mg and had some slight withdrawals that I toughed through.

    After 10 days of being off subs I mostly feel fine. I had a little trouble sleeping, fogginess and minor stomach issues in the beginning but it has subsided. Now, I just have a little fatigue but I know it will go away and I'll start to feel normal soon.

    Like, you I wanted control of my life and to feel human again. I urge you to be patient and taper down, just do it slowly and understand you might not feel 100% for a few days, after you cut your dose but it's much better than the withdrawal that comes from jumping at a high dose.

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