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4.5 days into suboxone withdrawal
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    Default 4.5 days into suboxone withdrawal

    Im not quite sure why the reason for this post. I guess I just want to hear from some like-minded people who understand where im at and the path that im on. Im 26 years old, male, and was a slave to suboxone for 2.5 years and a slave to my DOC for 2.5 years before that. I jumped off at 0.5mg of suboxone at 4pm on Janruary 25th and am working on my 5th day clean. Withdrawals have sucked, but honestly havent been as bad as I had anticipated. The high levels of anxiety, restlessness, and debilitating fatigue have been my main symptoms. This has led to a lack of proper sleep, I have been getting an hour or so a couple of times a day. I was mentally prepared for this jump into a substance free life, i have been through tons of counseling, am active in NA and AA, and waited until I was mentally and emotionally ready for this. I also have the support and company of my parents and the most supportive and beautiful girl one could ask for. Anyone who wants to offer support, a kind word, advice, questions, or scold me for being a junkie in the past please feel free

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    Well, working on day 7 of detox now. Feel like I'm definately on the upswing mentally and physically. Hit a huge hurdle yesterday though, me and my girlfriend abruptly and painfully broke up. I feel strong considering the girl I love is gone, at least for now she is. Haven't considered relapsing one bit though, I've come too far and now that ive caught a good glimpse at how amazing clean life is I'm not going down that path. Would really like to hear from some of you, please feel free to say whatever you'd like here

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    Hi there. Congrats on one week! I'm really sorry about the break up. Good on you for staying strong. It's easy to cave under those kind of circumstances.

    Do you have another thread somewhere? I thought I had replied to you but could be wrong. How's it going? Still dealing with symptoms? Oh, by the way, no on here would ever "scold you for being a junkie" That'd be quite hypocritical. Ugh, junkie, I hate that word.

    Talk soon.

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