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Anyone Take a Tiny Dose of Sobox Long Term?
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    Default Anyone Take a Tiny Dose of Sobox Long Term?

    Has anyone ever taken a micro-dose of sobox a long-term pain mngt system? Like taking 1/2 mg or 1/4 mg once daily. Do people still have bad long term effects from that? Just want to gather info...

    Most of my info is on the "Jumped off at 4 mg; What have I done?" thread.

    Quickly, I'm about 40 days off sobox after 11 yrs of taking it. For some years I took 8 mg/day, but just started naturally taking less as the years went by.

    So, now that I'm not taking 4 mgs of sobox every day, I feel razor sharp mentally. Every day brings a staggering realization. I have worked thru my rage and feel mentally pretty strong. I just need a strong body to support it. Dealing with daily wrenching pain and crushing fatigue makes it difficult to accomplish what you want to and eventually it breaks you.

    Saw the doc on Dec 6th but told her I wanted to ride out another month before seeing any specialists or starting any other meds. Things have been...difficult. But I'm SO serious about not falling off the cliff again. I have sacrificed my entire adult life being ill and trying to treat self with drugs. Leading to addiction. Since quitting sobox this is all so clear...

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    Forget about taking a maintenance dose of sub. It's still addictive and will end with u either detoxing or dying while hooked. There are no other options. You've been down the 8 mg a day path already. There are other ways of dealing w pain. I do yoga. In some States, people smoke legally. Ibuprofen is useful too. Hang in there! You won't regret getting off subs. Promise!

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