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C-Section and tec
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    Unhappy C-Section and tec

    I'm new here. Reaching out for guidance as I never did before and wound up trading my soul to the devil in the blink of my eye. Long story short- I was a suboxone patient, I didn't plan this pregnancy at all but of course they switched me over to subutec once preg confirmed. Throughout pregnancy I was prescribed the 2 8mg a day but dropped down to 1 8mg a day.
    I switched to another facility where the OB dr is the one writing it. They done COWS and upped me to my two a day again.
    I'm still with the OB however yesterday at my very last baby dr appt (csection next week) she wrote me my script and then talked to me about pain prevention and my csection. She said in KY she's not allowed to give me one drop of narcotic pain meds post op. Said Motrin; stadol.
    I'm not going to lie, I am freaking out inside. This is my third csection, combine with a tubal and every other one I've had horrendous amounts of pain WITH the narcs flows through me. Is this just how this place does it or is it seriously like this? Just because I was on tec doesn't mean I should have to lay in pain after being cut from one hip to the other. It's not right.

    With that being said- I tried to come off of it pregnant. I couldn find a dr to help me and I was scared of what would happen to baby. This is my first pregnancy ever having more than a Tylenol. I didn't have these issues before now. I've read up on NAS and how baby will be scored. I was prescribed mostly two a day but truthfully I didn't take more than one thought any day. I know my boy will be observed and possible NICU stay. They changed all the info provided this past week on me, fed me full of bull>>>> up until a week before he is born and here I am incapable of doing >>>> because I have a week left. I wanted more than anything for assistance to stop. I had motivation and willpower. He is going to be a little small I believe. Anyone else weight not go crazy on tec? I couldn't gain much but my belly grew without a fight.

    I thought having my son would be a loving great experience. I'm sitting here in the bathroom floor so upset at myself for being such a fool and believing these Drs. If something is wrong with my little man I'll never be able to live with myself. I am also worried about him and then worried about how bad the pain will be. I live in VA across the line but baby dr is in KY. I am fearful for our lives and what condition we will both be in next week.
    I know these thoughts are scattered and torn but I don't know what to do anymore.
    Also CPS will be making their visit and I've passed every test and worked this program. I have nothing to hide but that's ridiculous.
    Thanks for listening to me vent.

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    Hi. I'm new here, but I've been reading threads on here for about 5 years. Just wanted to say... My 1st C-section, I came out of recovery, and within 45 min I literally felt like I was being gutted. Instant fever, crazy high heart rate and BP, literally was not capable of speaking it hurt so bad. Being a nurse, and knowing what I know now, I'm sure that I was pretty close to going into shock. About 20 min after this started, the nurse came in and gave me a dose of dilaudid... I was so relieved to see her, but 5 min later.... Still nothing! Not one bit of relief, she may as well have given me saline. Finally she came back with another syringe.. My MD had forgotten to add toradol to my meds, as she usually does. Within 2 minutes of the toradol I was 100% pain free. So what I'm saying is, they WILL be able to manage your pain without opiates. In my case, the opiates didn't work anyways. Toradol can only be given IV a few times... My MD usually uses 3...i begged and pushed her to 5. Whenever was over (day 2) I found that 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hrs did well to manage my pain. Again... More than the percocet did. As far as your other issues, I don't have much to offer, but hopefully not being terrified of experiencing horrific pain will take some stress off. Also, screw CPS. Seems like they're really good at taking the wrong kids away from parents and ignoring the cases they should REALLY be addressing. Good luck with everything!

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