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Citalopram & Ativan during Subox withdrawals?
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    Question Citalopram & Ativan during Subox withdrawals?

    My friend is on day 9 of Suboxone withdrawals and is having a hard time (with anxiety inparticular). She went to the doctors and they perscribed her some Citalopram and Ativan (she has a history of anxiety). I'm going to try to talk her out of the Cita since its anti depressant and that doesn't seem like something she should be taking, but is there anything wrong with taking the Ativan? Thomas recipe calls for Benzos, so I'm hoping its ok, but figured I'd ask.

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    it is common to feel some anxiety while in early detox. and yeh a lot of doctors push anti depressants on us... (happened to me as well, i refused) good idea trying to get her to hold off... yeh ativan now and then, but otherwise TIME usually heals the anxiety, and the more clean time under the belt, the better it is going to get....

    good luck.. keep up the good work

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    My sub doc last/final visit EVER, gave me citalopram for anxiety/depression. Its been almost a month since that visit and i have not taken it once. I will not mess with an SSRI unless i needed it absolutely, this guy thinks he can get me hooked on another drug, what an absolute J-O-K-E!!!!!! Dont let her take that stuff. Like cheekysod says, use ativan when needed but not all the time. ANother addiction is not good, especially a benzo one. Worse than subs / pills

    Anyways Day 9 is awesome! Im happy for your friend! Keep her positive, !
    We CAN and WILL do this!!!!! Have faith and stay strong

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