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Coming down off my suboxone and Xanax. Having a hard time.
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    Default Coming down off my suboxone and Xanax. Having a hard time.

    New here. I feel like I can give great advice. Just can’t take it. Pretty sure most everyone is like that. I’m slowly coming off my subs. Unfortunately, my anxiety has got worse. So I’m overcompensating with my Xanax. Feel like I need it after my coffee, when I’m in a long line at the store and of course to sleep. I’m not the type that is going to feel sorry for myself. I’m over that point. Now I’ve just been getting angry. I’m not an angry person. So it’s freaking me out a bit. I’m tired of feeling like a robot, being judged by people that don’t understand the struggle. Than again even if I’m coming down. I hoard my medication. It’s a safety thing for me. Like I still have some control over myself. If that makes since at all ? Point is. It’s too the point I can’t be in limbo anymore. I want to get off of both the sub and the Xanax so bad. Than I feel like I’d go nuts. I’m rambling. Maybe just needed to vent. Thanks for reading. Any advice would be amazing. Thanks so much
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    Hey Lyynna
    Take it easy. One step at a time! Focus on the sub taper; afterwards, you can taper the xanax. Sound like a good plan?

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